Midnight Pub

I think it might be Sunday


7:19am, wife's eldest daughter and family visiting.

Need to ready a rental for visitors, then off to a winery to perform.

Music, that is.

My happiness seems proportional to the inverse of number of thoughts. Inverse squared, even. Maybe.

Heck of a beautiful meteorological day on tap, for sure. Were I still enamoured of the internet, I'd be willing to waste however long it would take to find the phone, unlock it, bring up its camera, agonize a bit over the right shot out the front window, take it, spend gobs of time trying to get it to this computer to put it somewhere publicly accessible (no doubt possible with the phone, but I'm just too phone-inexperienced, really), and include its link here.

(Fuck, I'm exhausted just typing that out.)

For, you know, a handful of views.


So, what you're saying is, you've decided to give up on music (performing, listening, appreciating) and become a full-time nature photographer who takes pride in the nuance and complexity of his "photo rig"?

I tease, Inquiry, but the gig at the winery sounds fun. I wish I could hear some tunes live. What tracks are you performing?

later :)



Looking back, your teasy conclusion sounds damned reasonable!

The gig was fun. We were rather "on", and tips were unexpectedly significant.

We did our usual mix of mostly 60's and 70's hits, with decent attention to the 80's, and a couple 90's tunes, e.g. "No Excuses" by Alice in Chains.

(God, I love that song....)