Midnight Pub

the beauty of shallow Pop


So, I queued up some music a tad bit ago. Some music that has deep, awesome, incredibly fulfilling meaning to me. But then I wanted to hear Olivia Rodrigo's "good 4 u", because it's damn catchy. And then after that, I heard "Save Your Tears (Remix)" by The Weeknd and Ariana Grande, and I was just *swimming* in that song.

It has no meaning, no "special intention" behind it - it's as soulless and fabricated as a 3D-printed Lego figure. But, it is SO damn good and nice FOR that reason. It's synth shallowness to it's fullest extent.

Check that song out, really. I love it :)


The Weeknd, in particular, is notable for bringing synthwave into the mainstream. Whether he was actually influenced by synthwave artists or only by their common New Wave influences is anybody's question.



yea, I've never listened to The Weeknd before this, as it just cropped up on the "Summer Hits of 2021" playlist, and it was the second song, and My God is it a good tune! I don't want to overplay it, though, because then I will get sick of it. I may check out some of The Weeknd's other stuff :)