Midnight Pub

listening to Jazz, and all that Jazz


Recommended on here (at M.p, by ~ew) was The John Coltrane Quartet - Africa/Brass, so I am listening now.

I am also knocking out some laundry while I am at it.

I am listening on YouTube because Tidal will not work on the MacBook, I do know why. The Web player doesn't work, either, so...whatever.

And yea, I can say that this is (more or less) where I am starting with Jazz, because I never gave the genre much attention/thought, because I have always been so neck-deep in Rock, Metal, 90's Hip Hop, hell every friggin' genre out there, it seems, but I for whatever reason DIDN'T explore Jazz.

Definitely some sonically satisfying stuff right here.

So ~bartender, I'll take a nice cola, if I may. I don't order soda often, but I figure there's something behind the bar. Some Midnight Cola? Dr Midnight? Midnight Dew? Gemini Ginger Ale? Something to quench my thirst. Thanks!


You can find some amazing collections on archive.org - grabbing a random tape from https://archive.org/details/davidwnivenjazz can be a fun adventure.



that's a cool site! I'll definitely look into some of what's there! :)



There's a lot of cool modern stuff with rock sensibilities if you're into that! Lage Lund's "Terrible Animals" has been on pretty consistent rotation for me the last few years, and The Bad Plus Joshua Redman is amazing too.



putting this on the list, too!




Going to recommend some Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool and Kind of Blue. Couple of the most influential albums of the late '50s.



Added to the list!




hey ~ew!

Noted! I will check out the Gil Evans album here soon. I definitely enjoyed the JCQ, and will explore more of his stuff (I listened to a bit of Live at the Half Note on Tidal a couple of nights ago, but it wasn't nearly as captivating as Africa/Brass.

Thanks for the recommendations :)



Hey ~tffb, glad you like my "recommendation" :)

~bartender? A BIG lemonade and a glas of White Port, thank you very much!


Ok, on to side B. Greensleeves. Traditional it says. And yes it is. I was performing that on guitar a loooong time ago. But the thing is: John Coltrane Quartet imho do not "kill" the tune. Swinging does not kill it either. And yet I think it is quite nice, while not being "easy listening" --- boy I hate that term. In my not so humble opinion said "easy listening" is just boring for me. Nothing notable happens.

I guess I have to find something new for you in the lists of the jukebox ...

There is Gil Evans' album "Out of the Cool". Recorded in 1960. Big Band --- but cool. Not everyone blowing away like there is no tomorrow, but quiet, well chosen riffs and colors (so to speak) to generate a collage, a picture, a mood.

Let us know, whether you liked it ...