Midnight Pub



I watched a clip of Family Guy a bit ago, and they played (at length) the song "If You Leave" by OMD (or, Orchestral Manoeuveres in the Dark?), so I am listening to that song on Tidal from the Pretty In Pink soundtrack, which was one of those movies that people couldn't really get away from, or avoid hearing references to in the 1980s, even though I was a young pup in the 1980s, and didn't understand/care about most things.

It's a fairly good song :)

~bartender, perhaps a cup of hot coffee to see in the already hot evening? Temps seem to be lowering, but not to the point where I would call it "not hot".

To continue on the 80s tracks, I'll toss on "Don't You (Forget About Me)" by Simple Minds, and we can fill the parlor with hairspray and snap bubble gum in large, obnoxious bubbles when people try to grab our undivided attention.

Hope everyone is well, and that the night sees you well :)


I'm going to request, for the fun side of things, "What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)" by Information Society.

But what I'm actually feeling goes better with "Unlovable", by The Smiths.



If I could add onto this, OMD's hit "Enola Gay" and their eponymous LP's opener "Bunker Soldiers" are some of the greatest tracks to groove to. I'd love to spin 'em in a mix sometime. For extra measure, I'll also throw in " 583" by New Order, and Sigue Sigue Sputnik's "Love Missile F1-11" to dive this all deeper within the depths of this whole 80s saturated neon confetti occasion



ah, Sigue Sigue Sputnik - a band/artist(?) I've likely heard many times before, but never searched him/her/them(?) out in any deliberate fashion.

I will peep out OMD's "Enola Gay" in just a bit here :) In the meantime, "If You Leave" found a spot on my go-to Tidal playlist next to The Smiths "Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me".

The Smiths track is something that is more appropriate to spin when The Midnight is being swept and cleaned after a Roadhouse-like bar party, where anything goes.

For such a debauchery-fueled occasion, I would queue up songs from my "hair rockers" playlist onto the M.p jukebox. Twisted Sister, Quiet Riot, Skid Row, and a smattering of other ones occupy *that* anthem-centric lineup.

Drinks are on me, ~superfxchip!

And ~bartender, if I could get a black coffee, it'd be much appreciated :) Though cracking open an Ecto-cooler or having a pour of a TMNT slurpee would likely trigger the proper nostalgia neurons to make me feel as though I were ACTUALLY in the 1980s, haha!

Stay well, all! :)