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Bad news for the pub


People aged under 40 should not drink alcohol and consumption guidelines should be changed, study says


An analysis from the Global Burden of Disease, a scientific effort led by the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, published in the Lancet suggested that for adults aged 15 to 39, there were no health benefits from drinking alcohol, only risks.
The authors said alcohol consumption guidelines should be changed so that they were age-specific, and policies should particularly target males under age 40 — the group most likely to use alcohol harmfully.
"The outcomes that young people are most at risk for are injuries, road traffic accidents, homicide, self-harm, and other intentional or unintentional injuries, and alcohol increases the risk of all those conditions," Emmanuela Gakidou, from IHME, said.


An interesting idea.

Does not effect me too. 34 years teetotal. I stopped not for the physical health benefits but the mental, psychological, social benefits.

I was in the midst of dropping out of university, and found myself one night try to gather the money - coins, change - to go buy a drink. In that instance I knew I had to abstain.

I am not telling others to stop, I just knew for a young man back then it was not a good thing for me.

Why do we still drink alcohol?

I know that water could be deadly in days of old, hence the brewing of beers and wines etc. We now have clean drinking water.

Makes you think... Well, me anyhow.

Barkeep, a mug of tea if you please


Can a more experienced patron enlighten me, a mere infant in his early 20s, about the health benefits of alcohol once you pass 40?



Finally, something nice about being over 40. Cheers all!



1. We can't keep raising the ages for all these things, can we? Are we going to arrest development until 35-year-olds are still considered children?

2. Sounds like the study is less about alcohol itself and more about stupid decision-making, in which alcohol absolutely can play a part... but it's missing the point.



Bring back prohibition! Make speakeasies cool again!



Doesn't affect me in the slightest.

Barkeep, please, if you will: I'll have a water, if you don't mind I take a step out unto the porch side with my cup for a puff or two. ~B^) (5 years clean off drink here)



Something tells me many alcoholics weren't going to live past 40 anyway.

Risk is relative. Someone who doesn't have the gumption to chat up that cute gal at the bar will die alone without liquid courage.



Thankfully, I am completely unaffected by this news. ~bartender, a Laphroaig, if you please.



~bartender? I'll go for that Laphroaig, too. :-)

No, just one, not the whole bottle.

Maybe that's the missing piece above.