Midnight Pub

didn't your mother ever tell you not to talk to strange bloggers?


I just got done cold e-mailing some people. Bloggers. Mostly from blogroll.org. Because I want to pick their brain and see what makes them "tick", write, do stuff, in general.

Some can be responsive, some prefer not to be bothered - and so it goes

M.p is a jam, though, because people here are fairly cool, nice (don't enforce the karmic forces on me, Murphy's Law!). I like it here.

So, now, I think of how I am resetting. Resetting in life, really. It's been four months since I spoke to some toxic people in my life, and I continue to de-rut myself from that noxious mindset.

I feel better, free'r, more like myself, at ease with myself more often, more confident, etc.

Helps that I kicked booze to the curb just before this, which is ironic to mention while in the Midnight PUB. But, digital soft drinks and cyber coffee never hurt me, and in both Real Life(TM) and online, I never had a passing care if someone is drinking alcohol or not.

On that note, a hot coffee, if I can ~bartender?

::lights pipe::

I hope M.p continues to be a smoker-friendly establishment, as the quasi-pungent pipe smoke doesn't penetrate the broadband fibers putting this all together. It is the SmolNet, afterall, not the SmellNet (terribly sorry for the sickeningly cheesy joke).

Soon I will assemble issue 11 of The Zine Around The Corner, which I will not link as to not self-promote, but it IS a passion project of mine, and I generally will assemble an issue in 3-4 hours, and then "publish" it via my blog, and I also got some cool zine-making software from itch.io recently, which offers a template for printing a DIY zine, and is definitely a handy thing to have for when I get some copies printed up. I figure I will just out one copy of EACH issue, and then just stack them in the laundromat at my apartment complex. Something to do.

Anyhow, back to other affairs for the night. Hope everyone is well :)


well there's a shisha pipe in the corner, so I think smoking is permitted


> I figure I will just out one copy of EACH issue,
> and then just stack them in the laundromat at my
> apartment complex. Something to do.

Love that!






It occurs to me a laundromat sporting a stack of The Zine Around The Corner ought someday referred to as a tmomat.



or, The Laundromat Around The Corner.

Maybe that can be my next approach to a zine - a dedicated laundromat reader. Hell, I can get hyper specific and making it "The Telegraph Crossing Laundromat Gazette". It would be only useful, or even comprehensive to those who are residents of these apartments. A regular "who's who, and what's what" of local property tabloid raggery. LMAO!

I'll likely just print the zine as-is, though.

stay good, Inquiry