Midnight Pub

Morning Coffee


The good thing about The Midnight is that it never closes! I stop by, at this early hour in the morning, and I can see it's open and full of people.

I pet Smudge a little bit, give it some cat food I had in my pocket, and ask

~bartender, espresso, double, please.

I sit in a booth, open the laptop and browse Geminispace and my RSS feeds for a while, drinking my coffee.

The last couple of days the need to write again has come back. I started blogging in 2003 until 2005, but that blog is no longer available. My second attempt came in 2008, and it lasted until 2011; that blog is still online (but inactive) at one of the domains I own. The third attempt started at my "professional" site three years ago this week, but I haven't posted anything in more than a year.

Alongside this third attempt I have a Gemini capsule somewhere, which has also been inactive for a few months. I guess coming to The Midnight is part of a process to resume my writing.


I have tried a handful of times to develop a consistent blogging habit but have never succeeded for long; I suppose I have yet to figure out what is needed to establish such a habit. But I also run out of things to talk about cogently very quickly!



Yeah, that's always a challenge. In my case, there is always a tension between «doing the thing» and «writing about doing the thing».

I barely have time for the former, so I must force myself to find the time for the latter.



hey ~amvc

I'll have the same please, ~bartender. A double espresso sounds great right now! (I will do likewise IRL)

We're on opposite plains here, ~amvc, I have felt *drained* from the need/urge to write lately, and it's a nice break to be honest. I can't describe *why* it (writing) doesn't "scratch a mental itch" for me, but I'm keen to stay away from it for some time (mostly).

Gemini is cool, and many people sing it's praises, and I have been neglectful of exploring it, but I will soon, I am sure. I've been tooling with the idea of doing a CLI-centric browsing experience. Meaning just using the CLI for *most* things I do online. I figure I can write (sometimes), read an RSS feed, and other matters of smolweb Tom-foolery.

stay well :)



Yeah, that itch comes and goes in waves, let's see how long this one lasts. I don't force it, either; I just do it for as long as I want to.

Make sure to checkout offpunk, it let's you read RSS and gemini in the CLI: