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2022-08-03 2nd Decan of Leo
2022-05-31 1st Decan of Gemini
2022-05-19 3rd Decan of Taurus
2022-05-03 2nd Decan of Taurus
2022-04-21 1st Decan of Taurus
2022-04-12 3rd Decan of Aries
2022-04-01 2nd Decan of Aries
2022-03-22 1st Decan of Aries
2021-11-25 Apricitous Temperature Check
2021-10-28 Poking My Head in the Door
2021-07-08 An Ethical Concept I Can't Grasp
2021-03-04 A-D-IV-NON-MART-MMXXI