Midnight Pub

"I want to publish zines, and rage against the machine..."




I remember it. Loved it. Haven't heard it in probably at least a decade, now, which seems weird because I recall thinking that song would be around forever. But that was back when stations/channels were numbered in the thousands instead of the mega-giga-gazillions.

Can't say I could make out all the lyrics then ('cept for "I'm not sick, but I'm not well", which I rather identified with at the time), but the energy of the song seemed the important part to me.



Love that song, ~tffb. Double-love that the Peep Show tv series used it as their theme song.

On that note about post-capitalist hipsterism ahead of its time, I've been wondering a lot lately whether the times and culture have been calling for it since a long time ago, but most of us were just too young to appreciate what it meant and why.

Think I might join you in that caffeination. ~bartender, espresso martini for me please.



~xiu! I read your "Weaning off social media" post on Smol.pub just now, another humble establishment I frequent quite often under my usual name, TMO, and I gotta say I am **impressed** with the insight and deliberate action(s) you've taken to stay away from socials! I left them (the remaining two I used - Twitter and Instagram) in late-2019, and life has continuously improved ever since. I was sort of in a "my IRL social life/digital echo life is in shambles, I need to start going uphill again" type of scenario. It's proved fruitful, and what I thought would be a mild mental software "update" turned into a flat out OS change, and I have started think about the WAY I think about things in an entirely new light.

I mention this not to ramble about me, but because you wrote in the aforementioned post:

"I'm writing this in case anyone out there needs some solidarity and validation."

...and I am sort of trying to do likewise to those reading THIS, and also to cheer-lead support for your efforts. Great stuff!

And yea, I *was* too young to recognize "bigger world issues" or have any type of anti-establishment beliefs in 1998, when "Flagpole Sitta" came out, but the song's lyrics were fairly spot-on in regards to how people (seem to, tend to) view modern circumstances as of 2022.

And ~bartender, I'll take *another* coffee, if I may?

And if ~m15o is frequenting the establishment tonight, h/t to you for the Nightfall Kiosk service, as I've browsed around on there a bit, too.

"Smol Web" services are great, and I really think the whole thing came from organic want/need of people who desired better for themself, and would do anything necessary to remove their presence from the ugliness of "the main socials". The services and sites (and blogs, and diaries, and journals) that we all maintain in this space speaks true to that fact.

Stay well all! :)



Thank you ~tffb, that means a lot. Even moreso bc I've been reading your smol.pub since stumbling upon Gemini. Your "hear hear, eph" entry was one of the things that motivated me to write that post. How funny that it all comes round full circle.

~bartender, I'll have a cacao stout now, and something for my new friend here.



Hey! Coffee cheers to me, you, the world, Gemini, and the Smol Web! Haha!

hope things are well, and I appreciate the kind words.

~bartender a Mt Dew Code Red, if I could? As it would be a nice continuation of the Code Red I just finished a moment ago :)

Stay well, ~xiu!