Midnight Pub

Short Night Ahead


~bartender? A spiced, hot chocolate, please, water at the side. And an Ardbeg. Thank you so much.

It's kind of early for an Ardbeg maybe, however, very early in the morning I will be picked up and transported to the airport. And I'll be very glad when I hit the bed in what is going to be very early in the morning the next day in this time zone. Oh, the adventures of traveling on a spherical object. :)

My drinks arrive. I open my notebook to check one more time, that everything is up to snug. I found a little snafu already when packing up. But it is not a BIG problem. I can fix it from remote. It just takes some time.

I used to travel light with only a backpack. Or alternately with that red travel bag I had made myself. Same volume as the backpack. These two items have probably kept me company in all my travels in those 40 years gone by. But this time I'll have a proper suitcase. Which is ok. It'll work great between the airport and the hotel. I don't have to hitchhike this time around. No youth hostel visits either. No random meetups with complete strangers traveling since the beginning of their time --- a very special folks indeed. Oh well, I lift my glass of Ardbeg, sniff a bit, add some water and have a sip. Nostalgia comes around from the dusty and dark corners of my mind. Traveling Scotland on my trusty Yamaha SR 500. I did get really wet only once during the 10 or 12 days trip, which was most welcome. I did get to see the waves of the Atlantic roll in at Durness. I did see the Old Man of Stor on the isle of Skye. Fond memories.

So, I'll be out and possibly offline for a while.

Take care, watch your step!



Safe and enjoyable travels ~ew! Good call on the Ardbeg.



best of luck on your journey- maybe you'll be complete stranger with years of traveling under the belt this time.



I know the feeling/freedom of traveling light -- the pure seamlessness of entering and leaving an airport without having to wait or interact with anyone.

Last trip we took, we decided to buy some souvenirs and so brought a suitcase with. Guess what got lost on our transfer flight? Yep. Lesson learned.

Enjoy your trip, and may the weight of world seep off your shoulders on fairer shores. I drink to your Yamaha



hey, ~ew!

Safe travels and have fun! I've never traveled (successfully) much, as my Florida-to-Georgia-to-North Carolina excursion when I was 20 landed me in Daytona Beach, and that was that - out of luck and out of money. Another attempt to go from St Louis to Eugene, Oregon (this past May) saw me stranded in Montana, luckless and moneyless again. I figure I have around 200 miles from Homebase (my apartment) to venture off to before shit goes haywire and I lose all sense of bearings, and I am prone to panic and senselessness. But others (*many* other) adore travel, and I adore reading of their adventures :)

~bartender, a hot instant coffee please? I am w/o instant here at Homebase, so I am making Cowboy Coffee with grounds duped straight into boiling water for now, but a store trip later will fix that.

And may I ask what an Ardbeg is, ~ew?




Hi ~tffb, Ardbeg is a Scottish Destillery, so this is a very smokey Single Malt.



gotcha :)

Enjoy the Ardbeg, enjoy your day/evening, and I'll take a coffee w/ extra creamer, ~bartender, if I may? (been hooked on putting hella creamer in coffee lately, the best)