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Commander X16



There's been a long awaited update to the Commander X16 Project.

What is the Commander X16

It's a retro-styled computer made using modern components. I love retro computers and I've been eagerly following this project. I keep thinking about driving in and programming on the emulator, but I have other stuff to do right now.

Bartender, could you please whip me up an old-fashioned? Feeling nostalgic today.


Not the sort of computing I'm into, but I genuinely found this very cool. Best of luck to them! Niche enthusiasms are so wonderful.



I don't understand the relevance of this project, but that doesn't stop me from admiring it. I can just imagine someone from the 80s geeking over their Commodore 64, and then some timetraveller in a trenchcoat steps out of the shadows holding a Commander X16, and the 80s geek would cry with joy in seeing a suplexed version of a machine he understands. Contrast that with a smartphone, where the 80s geek would be like "wow!" but wouldn't have a clue how to get it to do what he wants.



Hey, ~the_bebop_cowboy!

I just responded back (for a second time) to a post I did on here where someone mentioned the Commander X16, because I was/am thinking of getting a Color Maximite 2 Deluxe. I like a lot of machines out there, but the C-X16 seems to be one of the more "well considered" ones. In fact, I joined the C-16X forum yesterday and did an intro (as "TMO from ST Louis") because I want to keep close tabs on the project, not that I would be lucky enough to be one of the first 25 or so people to get an initial run of the machine.

I don't do any type of dev work in regards to hardware, yet, but I have been reading up on and taking notes for, Assembly Language, but I will likely go a different route in terms of languages. I know BASIC or MS BASIC or *something* will be useful for me. Hell, I may even make a micro game! :)

And ~bartender, a coffee, if I may? Thank you!

Stay well TBC and everyone else! :)