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Posting/replying via gemini


Bartender, masala chai for me.

I was wondering, why do we have to rely on http for posting things here? Is there no way we could post things from gemini itself? A 2FA maybe, that could be implemented to authenticate users without compromising the passwords themselves? What do you think?


This is a test from emacs/eww.



There is a script described in the manual


I tried, but I did not get it to work. The gemini protocol itself is not well suited for posting. The titan protocol would be better in that respect. But I'm in no position to help other than to mention pointers.



Hey ~ew, are you still having trouble getting midnight.sh working? I managed to muddle my way through it this evening. Wanna compare notes?

In case you got stuck at the session cookie part like I did, I stumbled upon instructions on how to find it here:


Ps. This reply was posted from my terminal using the script :o)



The gemini situation/model for interaction - which seems to be one of posting links and/or inline quoting some/all of their content, and then writing comments thereafter in one's own post - is oddly reminding me of a show I'm watching this very moment courtesy of it being a favorite of a couple grandchildren: "Unspeakable", wherein some guy is commenting on game/gaming content/scenes/scenarios.

I'm finding it quite entertaining despite possibly being the most non-gamer who's ever lived!

I guess what I'm trying to say in the context of this thread is I'm not sure there need be the likes of a Midnight Pub facilitating interaction. Maybe even that is still Too Fast (relative to some "slow net" kinds of posts I've read of late)? Maybe it's honestly better to be more disconnected, truly chancing upon others via links people have put and commented on in their gemini posts?

(Not sure I'm using correct gemini terminology at all... but hopefully I'm not sounding too obtuse....)

(UPDATE: And then the following appeared to me just a little while later as if by magick: gemini://rawtext.club/~ploum/2022-10-05-there-is-no-content-on-gemini.gmi)



Hi ~inquiry, while I fully agree, that "no content" is the very purpose (as explained by ploum), and while I consciously enjoy the "slow" nature of gemini space, I think the original post is just about a tool thing: We can read the messages in The Midnight with elpher or Langrange, but we cannot easily? or at all? post our content using the same toolset. Lagrange apparently can handle the titan protocol as well. But the site mechanics need to support that.

I have also tried to post using emacs/eww, the builtin webbrowser. I can log in, I can read posts, and write something short, I have not understood, how to enter something that is bigger than the entry field as shown in emacs/eww. But of course I attribute that to my lack of knowledge rather than anything else :)



<smiles while imagining a comedian riffing on the percentage of life problems that wind up being a "tool (in more than one sense) thing">

My opinion is human selfishness tends to outpace having nice things. I'm imagining the problem to be solved (posting here with simple tools) being fairly simple were it not for having to address security to avoid shenanigans that would reduce the pub to a smoldering pile of byte ash.

Ditto pretty much everywhere else in the human realm.

See also: locks, keys, combinations, security, police, prisons, armies, weapons, passwords, public/private keys, yadda yadda endless fucking yadda.

See also: maybe attempting to keep a decade of "commandments" wasn't so bad/difficult an idea after all given the increasingly horrifying alternative?



I guess it's a decission of the pub owners. Gemini provides status code 10 for requesting the user's input, and status codes 6X for dealing with client certificates which can be used for authentication. A few details still remain, like a somewhat short limit of characters for the comment (1024 bytes for the whole URL) and CSRF (which I think can be solved with CSRF tokens in the URL), but it's definitely possible.