Midnight Pub

Happy Halloween!


Halloween. Yes, it's tonight, I think, as I'm passing orchard their glass of water. One of my favorite night of the year. The jukebox is now playing a song from AC/DC and I'm hearing m15o calling for help in the kitchen. Shall we call it a kitchen? Let's just say in the room behind the bar. He's preparing some food for tonight! All I can say is that bread is going to be involved.

It's surprisingly warm outside for this time of the year. Nightfall City is busier than ever. It feels like the pandemic never really happened. But at least we're there. I see tffb open the door, and start the coffee machine. He sits next to ew and inquiry who are discussing by the bar.

Kids are rushing to the door with their costumes. The good thing is that they are scaring the opposums! "Sorry, we don't have candies, but we have some good whisky... and coffee!


Hey ~bartender! Hello, ~ew, and ~Inquiry, ~orchard and all! :) I hope it's a busy night at The Midnight tonight. I'll be popping in here and there. Hot coffee and Smudge scritches seem to be in order, as the overcast and medium-warm weather outside beckons one to seek solace off Main Street and to find calmer waters in the cavernous confines of Smol Web watering holes ;)

AC/DC sounds like some fine tunes for the eve! My first ever cassette tape was AC/DC's Back In Black, which was slyly smuggled into my childhood home when I was 7 years old. Listened to at my discretion on headphones, and disguised in an "innocent" Def Leppard Hysteria cassette case. Eventually I became more adventurous with the original Jackyl album, and even Gn'R Appetite For Destruction.

But tonight, I toss a song on the Midnight jukebox - Misfits "Halloween". A cult-y fun classic, as I remember re-runs of "A Garfield Halloween Adventure" from times past (I watched that special two Halloweens in a row in the late-80's, and was not seen again or even remembered until last year). An ok little TV special, but re-watching I realize it IS a "kids" type of show, haha. Not as amusing as an adult. I may put on "The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" and watch Linus get berated by Lucy and Charlie Brown be belittled with coal treats, as that poor dude never got the carrot, only the stick, haha.

Stay well, all. May your eve be festive, or calm and relaxing, or just "same as usual" if you wish :)



I'm reminded of a time a couple decades ago when I was wandering around an event called "Wisconsin State Fair", had turned a corner, and half a step later a band launched into a blisteringly fine version of "Back In Black".

Mmmmmmmmmmmm...... glorious!



Yea, it's one of the more covered AC/DC songs - I'd be impressed to hear someone cover Who Made Who or Thunderstruck. Quite the finger-tapping talent on those! :)