Midnight Pub

Feast Of Flies


[ feast of flies ]

as night alight | as silence aloud

as screams mute | as filth encrowned

as tears dry | as truth filled with lies

as flesh rotten | as corpses alive

as flies buzz | as the serpent coils

as my blood boils | your fate is closed

come with, into a night of horrors

life of a ghost

greens wilted , life spent, blood flowing

pieces strewn

of knowledge and of doom

walk in this cemetery of gloom

we call a world, we call home

from worm to god

from ash to jewel

from nothing to all

from death to life

and from darkness to light

from blossom to forest

from ghost to flesh

and from man to beast

By: Woland


Inspired by halloween?

I look forward to reading more.