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not so long ago


i can see a thunderstorm getting closer in the distance, i like the smell of rain

is it just me or is it wild that the 90’s was 30 years ago? i feel like anyone born before the start of the century just kind of has their internal clock a little bit broken.

i saw someone attributing this feeling is the result of things like popular music having such a long shelf life or something, that it’s difficult to perceive time passing on a macro scale… idk what do you think?

with movies it seems like the opposite though, movies now are made to be disposable, somthing you watch once in theatres and never watch again. Shits pretty crazy

maybe this will be a theme with my posts lol, just kind of letting out random thoughts haha.

oh look theres the rain!


yes, the fact that I still listen to all my favorite 80's songs feels a bit like I'm stuck in time. but the decades keep slipping by... I guess its the music that keeps us young. and thank goodness for thunderstorms, and "Prayers for Rain".



It's only wild if you are 30+

The '90s were my childhood, my approach to technology, and my rite of passage.

So yes, I'm very nostalgic about it

And I don't care that much about what happened before I was born, I didn't feel it. But what happened in 1993 is deeply connected to my mind.

I don't know if all movies are disposable, but most are. And it's sad as a fan, we usually want new and shiny things. And there is more content than we could consume or enjoy.

Yeah, rain is awesome!



I so loved the 1990s.

Musically, I want to call it 1970s++ in terms of memorable songs.

A moment of emphasis: *songs*, not merely ongoing sound.

But my age likely has me automati-mediately stereotyped no matter how I might texturally stammer, so "whatev".

Because people.

In related news, I'm so loving exploring gemini and/or gopher spaces these days. In the spirit of the above, I'll call them a sort of early-web++.



~squiddied, hey, yea I'd say those born prior to 1985, who "knew" the world, (had living memory of) society prior to the WWW/the "Information Revolution" sort of see things a tad different. Slower, more analog - which speaks volumes of just how immense and "permeating" the entire Internet (in all it's carnations) has been since the early/mid-90s. I view it (both the Internet and the change in...everything) to be a net (pun!) positive, because at the end of the day, it IS more or less just a technological step (or steps) for humanity.

And ~tetris, lol! That is likely true! :)

~bartender, a tea/lemonade to see me through this pre-dawn morning, if I may?



I'm more in agreement that the reason some songs have more shelf life is because boomers were the easiest generation to advertize to.

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