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Sad Times In Israel


##Sad times in Israel… by Aharon Viessklinger

###the Israel Election Results

an extreme right wing Ultra religious (and racist) government was elected few weeks ago – they won – Israel lost – and by the look of it within 5 or 10 years Israel will be a religious state (a Jewish Taliban state) religious laws will be enacted by the parliament and supreme court will no longer be able to intervene in case of injustice or to soften the blows… this is bad news for Arabs, Left-Liberals, Non-religious people, LGTB+ community etc…

there will probable be censorship on the internet and god only knows what more – no more open businesses on “Sabbath” (Saturdays) or Jewish Holidays – God only knows what they are planning – Israel will become in the next years to be a state governed by religious laws (“Halacha Laws”) – all opposition will be suppressed – so Israel finally succeeded in turning itself to be just like it’s Enemies – just like Iran or Afghanistan – A Religious Fanatic Racist Militant Military State… the phrase “the only democracy in the middle east” is no more valid – a majority of voters in israel voted against That! They don’t want Democracy and human rights they want “Jewish supremacy” and to live under “religious Jewish Laws” they don’t want “civil rights” they want “Jewish rights”. They hate liberalism and democracy (“there is no democracy in the bible” they’ll tell you)

the result of the elections in Israel proves once and for all that “the state of Israel” is nothing more then a third world country population with some high tech and atom bombs that despise western values and value instead Jewish Religious Fanaticism and wants to “build the third temple” and continuing to occupy and settle “the whole land of Israel” no matter what the cost is…

this is the End of the Fantasy of Israel being a Liberal Democracy that values Human Rights and Free Speech – it was never really true and now Israelis voted against it as to say “yep we are not even going to pretend we are like that anymore” the state of pretending is over… and the true ugly face has and will be reviled...

the true face of the state of Israel has finally exposed in this elections…

Israelis believe they are god’s chosen people that god is on their side – and they are willing to pay what ever cost to achieve their goals… they believe like all evil fanatic regimes that “the goal justifies the means”


Sometimes I think that Israel and the Islamic murderous regime of Iran would be the best allies! They have so much in common!



So democracy voted against itself?

Only in this deity-forsaken species....



Democracy voting against itself is the true dark side of democracy. Just like Mohism could be said to be the dark side of Confucianism which is the dark side of legalism.



Fortunately, The Dark Side of the Moon can be halfway decent temporary salve for lesser dark sides.