Midnight Pub

you've been blogroll'd, Midnighters (and Happy Thanksgiving)


Over on `write.as/tmo/blogroll` I updated stuff to reflect ALL places online that I enjoy/read.

Blogs, The Midnight, Smol.pub, Mastodon accts, forums, small projects, etc. Also a few individual Midnight accts that are nice folks (honestly, everyone here is nice - if you would like to be added, comment here :))

And it is Turkey Day, but I am homebound (homeside, been home all day), and avoiding many of certain folks as usual. I cannot stand most relatives, so...

I may be moving into a "cluster apartment" or a single room occupancy where there is a community - group therapy, gym, activities, etc. Fuck loneliness

later :)


Thank you <inhales hard with anguish-laden trepidation over a possible pronoun violation - and any requisite shunning/cancellation - in three.. two...> sir!



Excuse me, Inquiry, but I didn't spend seven years in blogging diary school to be called "sir"! DOCTOR TMO is my Internet slacker title! ;)