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Hello guys and girls,

Barman un cup of green tea, please. Thank you.

I see the Twitter situation since several weeks and I ask some questions about it. I didn't post on Twitter since 2016, I only use my account to look other profiles (and since weeks/months, I use Nitter for this) and I keep it mostly in case if I have to reach a brand's after-sales service.

I am not here to expect really answer, but I want to share my thoughts about it.

Thank you.


Twitter Is a toxic place! You should run away and never look back!

Mastodon is much better place because there is no algorithm to keep you engaged.

But I feel it gets boring by people oversharing. I don't understand why people are posting what they are eating or what time they woke, to be seen by strangers.

Not that it bothers me, but there is a mentality that they should be posting even when they have nothing to say.

The main problem though, is that even if the platform is much more relaxed, I doubt that any fruitful discussion about any controversial issue can occur.

I actually am still not sure it can be done anywhere on line.



Do more of what increases happiness, and less of what doesn't?

I've been enjoying the heck out of Gopher and Gemini spaces the last couple months.

Found "Bombadillo" a fun way to experience both in a somewhat consistent way.

Funny story of frustration down that path, though. I wrote a Lua script that presents a list of Gopher/Gemini servers via "less -X", then prompts for one of them, and launches Bombadillo against the one I select. Love it.

But then the other day I accidentally hit 'q' while reading the post in someone's phlog (or was it gemlog? whatever...), bouncing me out of Bombadillo and back to the list displayed by "less -X"... and I've no idea what server that phlog/gemlog was in... no idea what link-following shit I did to get to it... so, ugh... I was sooooo looking forward to reading more of that author, and now I have to wait until I chance upon their phlog/gemlog again, because Bombadillo has no notion of a saved URL history.... I'll have to see if it has a setting to 'q' leads to an "Are you sure?" dialog instead of just immediate death... (just peeked its manpage... nopers....)



I have a Twitter account, but it's shadowbanned so I've never used Twitter much other than contacting people when it's one of the only ways to contact them.

Twitter is a lot more important than Instagram, but Bibliogram couldn't stay up so I wouldn't count on Nitter to forever either.

I've no interest in decentralization or the Fediverse so I couldn't tell you. Paul Graham being banned off Twitter for mentioning Mastodon was something that made headlines today.

I imagine the Fediverse is kind of the place where you have to be more active to get much out of it.



hey ~ahirusan! :) Good to see you!

~bartender, perhaps an instant coffee as I wax anti-social-media momentarily

I'd advise, yes. You should close your Twitter account. Everyone can do as they wish in life, but I closed my Twitter in 2019 and it was the best thing I have done in the past several years. 10 years gone with that service, and now it is fading further into memory.

I ranted and then raved and then wrote and then reasoned away the stress and burden that service was. I see where I had gone wrong, I see why it was that way, and I see how I've changed, and adore the changes.

Again, people's choices are their own choices :)

And ~bartender, kudos on the nice pour of the instant brew

stay well!