Midnight Pub

dreams of stretched legs


It has been a while since I posted or browsed here. The summer was busy, fall came and went; I didn't have the stomach to use a computer after the workdays were over.

Tonight I am more-than-micro-dosing psilocybin and leaving a jazzy synth loop I made playing while thinking of some way to exit the desk for a living.

I maintain a lot of end-of-life telco gear for a growing company in a position of some prestige for my age, have gotten "us" out of a few bad times this year and made progress on quite a few big projects. The feeling is similar to being gifted a yacht when you live 9 hours away from the ocean and haven't the means to go use it more than once every few years - you would happily trade it for something more useful.

Whatever I need is a bit more than a vacation. There is a deep yearning just to walk under a tree canopy that doesn't go away. Going on camping trip next month, peak winter. Sometimes in the mountains I see radio base stations for weather/atmospheric data collection(?) and wish I was the person responsible for checking in on those things.


There's always being a firewatch or working in Antarctica.



Fortunately, the seasons for those align perfectly!



To be a lighthouse operator, a forestry technician, or to be a librarian in a small mountain village where no one else can read. These are things I dream about.



I've actually looked into forestry work and at least in my part of the world, they tell you up front that without personal incentive it isn't worth it, and boy they aren't lying. The pay vs requirements for qualification definitely eliminate all but the most enthusiastic for that type of work. Still something to consider for younger people or maybe those approaching middle age who are more financially settled.



The worlds incentives are just plain wrong. A significant proportion of my graduating physics class went straight into banking, and not because they had a deep desire to make money.



hey ~akhet!

I don't think I ever micro-dosed psilocybin, but I had blue cap mushrooms a bunch of times as a teenager, which contains psilocybin. Is a fun time! :)

::disclaimer, don't use drugs, et al::

Winter camping is brave. I've only gone Spring/Fall, and I love it, but the backpacking part I am not real thrilled about. Too much set up/break down.

Hope you're well and things stay good! :)