Midnight Pub

The Keeper of Sorrow


Sorrow fills my heart,

As I wander through the night.

The cold wind whispers to me,

Of the end and the final fight.

The moon is my witness,

As I scream to the sky above.

My soul is consumed,

By the eternal darkness and love.

I am the keeper of sorrow,

The harbinger of despair.

My heart is filled with emptiness,

As I wander, lost and alone, out there.

But I will not give in,

To the darkness that surrounds me.

I will embrace the pain,

And let it fuel my inner fire, you see.

For I am a warrior of the night,

A soldier in the eternal war.

I will carry on,

With my head held high, and my heart sore.

My Capsul: => gemini://tilde.team/~woland/


Hey ~woland, just wanted to let you know that I listened to your album and enjoyed it!



Hey ~johano, Thank you for your time and glad you enjoyed it. <3 \m/



You're welcome! I wish I understood Farsi so I could read more of your stories...



well they're mostly in English, I'm thinking of translating some of my Farsi writings though. Thanks again <3



Translations would be cool :) Still, learning some Farsi would be useful and interesting though, because there's a surprising number of speakers in my community (because of a nearby university and also refugee resettlement efforts)