Midnight Pub



i've never had a hard time making decisions. when conflicted with two options, i always chose fast and logically. this is why this situation i've encountered myself in is quite odd for me.

i don't remember the last time i couldn't make a decision swiftly. i'm debating wether i should let a random chance choose for me.

flip a coin perhaps. or throw dice. or use /dice, or :dice:, or /flip, or :flip:, or a list randomizer, or making a playlist with a song representing each option and putting it on shuffle.

i'm just not sure. but i shan't worry, i (almost) always end up making theright decision.


You might find this book interesting:




I once flipped the coin on something, ended up going for the exact opposite things as what the coin said LOL. Shows that even flipping the coin can tell you what you really want



This is what always happens for me, I’ll get stuck, start to do something like eenie-meenie-miney-moe, and then end up deciding on something completely different than what I get. I think the randomization sets an immediate deadline for our brains, and that results in us suddenly thinking through things much more clearly, sort of like a student that is suddenly able to type paragraphs and paragraphs when it’s 11pm and they realize their paper is due at midnight.



I think when you trick the brain into a forced decision by chance, you realize the pros and cons of that decision and can properly weight them and choose the better one