Midnight Pub



There needs to be a word for the urge to text or whattsapp or messengerize or Signal'd or whatever ten people (acquaintances, business contacts, weather service bot...) in order to make your the burning pain of seeing the name of your fresh ex romantic interest showing up on the screen of your smartphone, among the ten last people with whom you've exchanged.

Or am I the only one frantically texting acquaintances and friends to make that first name sink in the depths below the last ten persons contacted line ?

Pour me your freshest beverage, bartender. I have a burning pain near my heart and know only this method that needs a name to start healing it.


That's a rough ride ~manneken-trappiste :( If you can, deleting/archiving the chat might be the kindest thing you can do for yourself right now.



join a couple of groups and all the real people you know in that app will sink to the bottom of the chat list



All my ex-romantic interests have occurred in the pre-smartphone age. My condolences: in your situation, I think I'd probably do the same.