Midnight Pub

First time here and it's a lovely day


I decided to enter this Pub today. I look around and things seems tidy. And not too crowded. Nice! As an introvert, I've always preferred quiet places, like libraries and small coffee shops.

It's a beautiful day. I took some time to write, and I am rediscovering the power of analog writing. It seems that when I want to draft ideas or just plan something, pen and paper gives me more freedom and I get into the zone. After the idea drafting is done, then I feel inspired to type. It's a process, and sometimes the pen and paper writing takes me out of writer's block. I forgot that I could start on paper and finish on my computer. Works great!

Sometimes we forget that simple tools are the best.


Howdy ~noisydeadlines, welcome to the Midnight.

You find a furry regular called Smudge.

You may find traces of a /thing/, a creature nicknamed Tiddles.

You may find the sideways 8 door in the men's room, beware, you might not find your way back.

May you find interesting things, views, conversations in this place.




Without "ls -alt" I'd have no idea where I've been in the local file system of late....



Welcome to M.p, ~noiseydeadlines!

I Pop in here from time to time, on speakeasy, too (check the bookshelf a top of main M.p page). I go by ~tffb on here, but I "am" TM (Inquiry would be so proud of the quotes over "am"). Haha

Hope to see ya around here on occasion ND, stay well!


> (Inquiry would be so proud of the quotes over "am")

It's not easy being addicted to using symbolic mediation that rarely ever works due to meaning residing in/on the observing ends and not the symbolic mediation itself, i.e. language!



Hey! Thanks for the warm welcome ~tffb!

You were the one who told me about this place. I can’t even remember how long ago it was when you mentioned it to me. It took me a little while to find it, but I’m here now! 😊

See you around!