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obscene amt of zines


A friend, a dear friend (who will be nameless, but frequents these parts) sent a package to me the other day. She sent a manilla envelope full of zines, one-pagers, uniquely-folded issues, numbered issues, some handwritten (and copied). So cool. I wish our friendship had continued, stayed good, and the last exchange we had via e-mail was friendly, but she seemed put off by me, seemingly thinking I was ambivalent, which is not true of our friendship (as ambivalence never plays a role with my online or offline relationships - I cherish friendships like the sun). So, I hope she can reach out again, I'd feel a pariah by me "cold e-mailing" her after a week of no communication.

The zines, they are awesome. So many quirky little things within, designed nicely, what a treat! ^Z and The Zine Around The Corner don't compare in most reguards, but I'll likely keep zine-ing indefinitely, but I wish the relationship had sustained.

Until later, M.p


I'd love if you'd share some zines, either some that you got on that box or some that you like.

Yes, I can search in the internet but it's a wide field, right?

I liked discovering zines in my youth, specially punk themed ones. But I lost practice and community. It's also not something widely done where I'm from.

But I'd love to discover some now and the pub would be an awesome place :)



: inquiry - your best poem yet! ;)

: nsequeira119 - and now, I won't!

: tetris - yay! Technically it's supposed to be 'zine (short for magazine). I'd provide links, but, DDG works, so... :D

Stay well all


here a zine
there a zine
a zine zine!


You can never have enough zines



Had no idea what a Zine was, pleased to learn something new today:

Origami Zine