Midnight Pub

A new place


~bartender, one black tea with sugar, please!

How curious. I am the opposite of a social butterfly, yet in a parallel universe, I probably would be owning my parents' pub now and visit other pubs, as well. Unfortunately, I'm not living in this universe, my parents were forced to close their pub in the same year I was born, and the vast majority of the pubs in my hometown disappeared.

Even if I am quite avoidant of other people out of choice, pubs always draw me in. They radiate a strange familiarity I can't explain... perhaps I got told too many old stories from my parents. Maybe– nah, let's save this for another time.

Nevertheless, despite preferring solitude, you're free to join me and tell me about yourself.


hi and hello, ~alex. I'll follow the ~inquiry syntax on this one, as well:

Likely older than some/most here (a shade under 40), writing online since 2006, writing (for "fun") in general since I was 8 (1991), used the WWW for the first time in 1994, love retro computers, though no nostalgia there for me, as I wasn't around them growing up, generally. Love all forms/fashion of music, all genres, default to Rock/Heavy Metal. Love Linux, the Smol Web, the Ctrl-c community (a Tilde Production ;)), use mostly just e-mail and IRC - stopped using social media in 2019. Coffee, tobacco pipes, rural ridculousness, and soon...fishing? (a hobby I'm thinking of taking up).

Nice to meet you.

Until later...



Pleased to meet you, Alex!

(ordering not significant) Likely older than most here, former software developer, online early relative to peers, musician, married, Beatles, Moody Blues, The Cure, Depeche Mode, 1970s hits, 1990s hits, bassy "chillout" genre, Lua, USENET, "The Marvelous Inventions of Alvin Fernald", Gurdjieff/Ouspensky, Ramana Maharshi, The Lankavatara Sutra, Wei Wu Wei.