Midnight Pub

If you've been open on the internet for decades you can always go back and dunk on your former self


Found this in my LJ archives. 21 years ago:

"Also terrible was my realization that I'm a twenty-something now."

Oh my sweet boy



I'd love to revisit some of it, especially refer to it. But I was young/stupid enough, and times were seemingly different enough that I almost always used real name in posts. I just plain had next to zero comprehension how vile so many others are. Makes me damned sad....



Yeah. I remember a lot of bad from those times, but a lot of good, too. One thing I've taken forward: I'm glad I've been able to age, so far, gracefully. Some nagging back issues, but that's it. I can still get out and do things, enjoy my forties; in some ways, I'm in better shape now than I ever was then.