Midnight Pub

Long time, no see.


Hello friends and casual acquaintances.

I always get the spelling of acquaintances wrong the first time.

I missed midnight pub, truly. Read a post by ~tffb. I am not safe from the endless scroll even on youtube. I had to uninstall the app.

Pretty invested in physical fitness lately. I don't like being unhealthy, but my lifestyle does not permit me the time for fitness. Still I try to get some time out.

I was wondering if there is a way to make midnight pub submissions possible from the gemini protocol itself. Not a shell script, but a CGI script which can call a backend api/make the changes itself. Just wondering.

How have you all been?


hard on the fitness part. I don't actually hold many emotions about looking good or being healthy... I think those things have more important, necessary analyses and solutions that fitness can't replace. But/And I say all that even as I work out like, every three days, much to everyone's including my own confusion. So i agree on being pretty invested.



Been busy in the biosphere.

Welcome back!




I'm just starting to post after thinking about it for more than a week. So, nice to meet you, ~orchard :)

If I may suggest, I try to use the game Ring Fit to do some exercise. Its nice but it need a Nintendo Switch, which is another expense :(



Hey ~orchard!

Thanks for the read. Sorry if I contributed to your YT addiction (idk how that sentence melds together, but...) ;)

I, too, watch a boatload of YT on Chromecast. No regrets there.

IDK about the Gemini stuff. I don't "gem" like so many other Smol Webians, so I am a fish out of water. I just *surf* the waves of the WWW ;) Gopher is cool, too, but I don't utilize it, either.

I don't like being unhealthy, either. So I do "core" exercises and cardio daily. Awesome! :)

Hope you're good! Until later...