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am I missing something? (everything?)


So, I am subbing to blogs on RSS, and I see so many people saying newsletters replaced blogs, with a huge social media presence in-between (for over a decade for me, now a relic of the past (for me)).

But, the reason people give as to "why newsletter?" over a social media service is that they don't like centralized services, like Facebook, Twitter, et al.

So...what is DE-centralized about a newsletter company? Isn't it just as central as ANY online platform/business that turns a profit off user's content/data?

If Tinyletter, Substack, etc., become large co's, it's history repeating itself.

So, why not blog? A blog one OWNS?

To see the solution to the problem (the problem being centralization/data collection), just go back to the original solution - own your junk on a blog/site! Have a VPS or a homeserver and that's it. No magic beans to change that reality! ;)


What i dont like about newsletters is that they come in the email, there are workarounds to make switch newsletter to rss.

They clutter inboxes ...



Apparently with a newsletter you can export your emails and take your subscribers with you to Buttondown if Substack turns out to be a shithole or if MailChimp isn't working out for you.

However, whenever I hear somebody railing against data collection and monetization on the internet and find that they have a mailing list instead of a blog with a RSS feed, I want to offer them some Ex-Lax because they're plainly constipated. Why else would they be so full of shit?