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"hey hey mama, have you read the news..."


"...gonna make you regret, gonna make you lose"

I heard Elizabeth Holmes is going to prison for her fraudulent Silicon Valley co (and yea, I will forever mistakenly call her "Katie Holmes"), so, I figure "hey, let's amuse ourselves with some visual irony, and look up the photo where she is with the "30 under 30" crowd with Zuckerberg and other Silicon Valley tech captains of industry".

I search, I scroll, I re-search, scroll more - that photo is fxxxing buried. What I DID see (all over the front page of DDG) was the news news news that she is, in fact, being imprisoned and not remaining free until an appeal, or whatever. Not even a Wikipedia entry on her. Not even an "insider hot take" about what the malicious/malignant culture Silicon Valley portrays and upholds means for "tech" at-large. She isn't the only bad character in the Bay Area, she just got caught.

Either way, news co's have their SEO formulations worked out to perfection. Or maybe AI knows how to "work" the search algorithms. Or maybe...yea, likely one of those two (or both).

Remember when the Internet was organic? Normal? Natural? Non-corporate?

I do, too, wish it stayed that way


I don't know why software companies insist on injecting news into everything. Actually, that's a lie, I have a pretty good guess. On the web I've taken to using uBlock Origin's element zapper to delete any news widgets on sites. Works pretty well.



I will start using the uBlock feature you mentioned. Been a uBlock user for close to a decade. Love it. Lifesaver! :)



Hmmm, I found an Elizabeth Holmes Wikipedia entry:

Elizabeth Holmes

Or am I misunderstanding who's Wikipedia entry you were looking for?

Whatever. I'd completely forgotten about that person. And those people. Thieves, if you ask me, just because we all know what normal work is worth, and so clearly they exercised means other than normal work to amass what they did.



That's her, but I was looking for other info regarding a photoshoot she was in back when her co was new. It was her, Zuckerberg, and all these 30-under-30 crowd types in a group photo, and it is sort of egg-on-the-face to be affiliated with her now, when (in all reality) all, or at least some, in the photo had their own skeletons that they wish not be brought to light.

But yea, in regards to "amass" the billions she did - it was all a performance. She didn't have new tech (in fact, everything was total science fiction, as she was claiming something not biologically possible). But still, as the saying goes "no one EARNS a billion dollars - they steal it!"



I get a kick out of this from the Wikipedia article:

> During high school, she was interested in computer
> programming and says she started her first business
> selling C++ compilers to Chinese universities.

As though "computer programming" and "selling C++ compilers" were on some kind of an endeavor par.




"person gets job at deli, selling club sandwiches to locals".

Cause > effect

"person studies computer programming, sells C++ compilers to Chinese universities"

About as clear and common as woods crapping from Kodiaks ;)