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I keep coming back here. Daily. Odd. I <3 M.p, and the folks here, but I keep coming back to say this and that when I don't have "a lot" to say. Even life updates - for those I keep up with through e-mail, they know what's going on with me, my future move to another part of Missouri, etc., and even that is a "wait on the USPS" game right now (until tomorrow? Or Friday?).

I asked the Webmaster of W.a to delete my old blogs from there, on Discuss.write.as, and I doubt he'll comply. I doubt he'll acknowledge such a request, because I am not a fire hydrant in NYC to snap a photo of with a vintage camera.

I also opened/closed a Mastodon acct today. The toxicity of the Mastodon TL "feed" (it's layout, some statuses there) flooded into my brain as if I had taken a half-step back from the firehose of debauchery of Twitter, proving to me that; yes, when one walks away from a true addiction, every step away is only as good as the next step further away from it.

So, I'll just say a few things on Midnight here and there, haha.

^C IRC chat is a treat, too. I love the Tilde family. True heroes of geekery, (seemingly endless) knowledge, and sincere character. Nice crowd :)

Until later, all


You know, I created a Mastodon account some time ago, I never used it too much. I started logging into my account more often this year and I kinda feel super overwhelmed by the feed / timeline. Even after I did a review of who I was following, making it a very succinct list.

But, honestly, it's been repelling me. I'm trying to process what it is, and I think it has to do with the "Twitter-like" format. It's too scattered, it's too noisy, too random. So I guess these micro-blogging formats are not for me anymore.

I prefer something like read.write.as or M.p. I still have to try out ^C IRC.

Take care!



hey ND,

Yes, a stop in at M.p per day or/and an entry on write.as/loghead can be ok, but the microblog "Always Keep Up" method of being online is draining. There's always a little status to see, or "boost" to see, or whatever, but I, personally, cannot keep up with any of them anymore. With FOMO, the Fear is illogical to start with, but the Missing Out is the *entire point* (in my eyes) of leaving a social media platform. I've been "missing out" (unequivocally for the better - blissful ignorance) since late-2019, and I intend to keep it that way.

hope you're good



yeah, I think you nailed it: the "Always Keep Up" method of being online is extremely draining. In these types of social media platforms everything is too immediate, it inherently generates FOMO because it creates the illusion that interesting things are happening all the time. In reality, most of the information in there is irrelevant...

thanks for the thoughts!




Take care, ND! :)



You? "just say a few things"?

Bwahahahaha! ;-)

Just fucking write.