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Ok the Apple event

(so many *care* on M.p, yea?)

Apple Intelligence - people will think AI *stands for* Apple Intelligence in a year (normies anyway). Sounds like a dumb thing to take away from the event, but I didn't expect the Xerox'ing of the initials "AI" itself to be happening (I could be wrong, likely am not wrong)

iPad got a calculator, and customizable screen. 18 iterations into the OS

I tried watching some of the stuff, but mastodon/rss showed me all the *neato* things people like, so I've been reading along while people "bust Apple nut" to it (pardon the french). So now I have a build up of things to say, say them here, and that's all, and no more, and I'm glad I said them.

Anyway, hope all are well. :Rough stroke for Smudge, hard gulp of espresso:



To this day I consider presence of an Apple product evidence of what I want to call "vain stupidity" (see also "pride cometh before a fall", which I'll touch upon slightly in the next paragraph), in contrast to regular stupidity with Microsoft, and finally degrees of intelligence with people making the effort to learn some kind of Linux environment.

The only computer I've ever owned that bricked on its own was a Macbook - and I must have owned a dozen over the years. And, of course, that Macbook cost me more than several of the others combined.



first impression of Mac, was when I ordered a refurbished 2011 Macbook Air in 2014, which arrived in mint condition cosmetically, I turned in on, "Hello, Hola, Hallo, et al" and then it bricked. I replaced it for the same model in less than a week with the reseller, but it was a sign of things to come. Updating the OS meant an hour + of the screen flickering, keyboard backlight strobing, and I'm pretty sure a few sparks and some sort of girating. It was always a stressful event.

`sudo apt-get update/upgrade` on the Linux machine a few times a week is less eventful. Not complaining



Dang it, I posted my "Frasier" reply here as well... and couldn't delete it (the delete failed), so I guess I'll change the reply contents instead. :-)

Oh, yeah, my Macbook was a gloriously gleaming thing until it more resembled a doorstop than a computer.

Hats off to form over substance, Apple!