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Content drowning in 'Goo'


I tried mimicking a couple simple html files in a Google "site".

(Why? To see if just giving in and giving Google hosting business maybe wasn't so bad after all to avoid the fly-by-night-iness of smaller hosting providers.)

Results (via "curl")? The Google site equivalent of my index.html file was over 32 times larger than the index.html file itself. The page the index.html linked to was over 16 times larger as a Google site equivalent.

In addition, while I know writing html is way easier for me than someone unfamiliar with it, I don't think the graphical interactions required to pull off the same in a Google site would have been anywhere near obvious to the average Josephine, meaning after struggling mightily with it, they'd wind up with some bloat to accomplish something rather simple.

To me, that's large software-related companies in a nutshell: let's make something simple with some study and practice far more complicated to profit from lazy asses using it.


That's modern business for you - add udders to the car incase someone wants to milk it, and then charge a service fee when the udders get worn out on the tarmac.



ha, reminds me of the album "A Boy Named Goo".