Midnight Pub

hi, can The Midnight be my mastodon? ok, thanx


I walk in, look around, try to think of poetic, thoughtful things to write and say - I just stand there, awkwardly half-prompted. Like I went to type some hype, when someone put their fingers together and froze the scenario. Small Wonders-style.

I deleted most junk from the Write.as blog, ten or so entries in, and the first post remains, "here today gone tomorrow' or some shit like that. It's officially the "about" or "expectancy" of that site - I write stuff, delete it a few days later - be there or not, just words written then ditched.

RSS is full of Mastodon feeds these days, isn't worth subbing to blogs much, tbh, because no one updates them. I mean, almost ever. Back to the pre-COVID levels of blog (in)frequency. People have TikTok and PC-generated fever dream photos via AI these days, who who ever needs to write anything?

I digress. Mastodon/RSS, I love them, in a *consume* sense, just can't hang with the FEED or neurosis that tags along. Years off social media (proud of that) has done nothing more but re-re-re-confirm the true addictive nature of social media - not (just) in the nature of what it is, but in the "one action/series of habits and the old (fairly deep) scabs start to let loose again, and matted pathways of predictability in the brain make their over-blazed trail all to present and neon". For me, it'd be like going back to daily drinking - been down that never-ending series of roads, know there's nothing there.

But RSS allows me to see "content" for what it is - text, and (usually) nothing else. The Mastodon update? There it is. They added a photo? Ok that, too. Link? Click away! Not feeds or/and Boosts or anything of unsavory suggestion. I want to know the thoughts of Person A, gd it, let em say it in plaintext in the word box and send it my way. Anything more is, in fact, anything else (that I don't happen to give a shit about).

So the *responding* elements of online life is on Mastodon, for me, I think. Other than of course e-mail, which may as well not use the Internet at all. Just e(lectronic)-mail.

babbled enough

coffee ~bartender, TY

until later



"words written then ditched"

ditchword? (a nod to "ditchweed")



Yes exactly, haha

I don't even remember writing this post, almost. Just a raw babblefest lol