Midnight Pub

"yesterday" yesterday


wanting is defining now as lacking
then wondering how it
got that way

a simple generic velveeta on a bread
whose name I don't recall
still does more for me
than gourmet whatever

the problem with a joe biden as a leader
is seeing it affects you in a way
you can't hide from

just like yesterday's performance crowd
at the senior center

my wife announced
I could perform most beatles songs
on demand

and I was astonished they wanted

I almost said "seriously?"
but started into it

and I nearly couldn't finish it
for starting to "lose it"

all those once vibrate bodies
and faces and minds and lives

the memory of it kills me
even as I type
en route to
the same


for me, Velveeta is gourmet, better even. Kraft got gunked up w/ some tanic chemical starting in the COVID era, forced me to "upgrade" the cheese (food) game. Of course, Real Deal Cheese is still as good as ever (Muenster, I am looking at you).

This is the last *full* day at the apartment Inquiry. I move on to Ben Nor Aparments across town to have a better/longterm abode. I won't go into BN details, as I did so in the mast on M.p and e-mail, I think.

Friends and foes alike are taking a break online these days - people in the form of friends/frenemies, and foes in the form of writing/publishing on the Web. IRC and e-mail still scratches the itch of...everything, in terms of what I do or/and want to do online. The volunteer stuff gets the blood flowing hella great.

And not to politico the pub, but I saw the debate, I felt sorry for Prez B, as I would honestly feel sorry/pity for anyone who is getting run over so badly in a public forum. As for the political front, I (as always) wish we had a candidate(s) less aromatic of s*** to choose from, but it's war-mongers and power-chasers on both sides, both ideological, and none of it musters around to serving the People of the US (that is, laws by/for citizens, et al). But painting a sentence with political shades immediately gets the "know-I'm-right's" out of the woodwork, so I'll park the BS and just vote one way or another :)

Sorry for the flubbed senior performance. Some of them may have even seen The Beatles live, so don't feel bad for not measuring up to John/Paul.

stay well!



Hey, I got no email with new digs deets (details), so be sure to hit me with it there if not here.

Oh, no.. there was no flubbing at the performance. What I was trying to communicate is I almost broke down *crying* between the song content and the eerily surreal context - especially on the heels of Biden dissolving before my very eyes. I mean, I'm "up there" in years, and they represented the generation preceding me, and it was just powerfully sad to be singing "Yesterday" to them, and then extra weird because there I was losing it on the inside, but they were gazing at me with glazed eyes hovering over innocently happy smiles.

Something like that.



So many deets!

I left Stonebridge today. Had a good release when I effectively cussed out the leasing manager in front of the construction crew who she had lied to, as well as lied to me, and tried to lie again to me and my caseworker when I called her out and laid her out (verbally) with the lies she had told 3 at that point) already before 9 AM. Either way, that's done. I am at Ben Nor Apartments Wed or as late as Mon. For now, I am at a short term facility, in a "crisis bed" (all arranged and agreed to prior to this morning, not a result of my the shoutfest with the leasing manager). Looking forward to getting gto BN, Al things in storage, except a tote and backpack. Happy with how things are working out.

BN is incredible nice (now deets) - a small front patio, a potential garden next to it. Single floor. No above, no below. Corner apartment. I spring for the window AC unit, but also have the option to installing a garbage disposal, new lighting (ceiling fans), etc. as long as I pay for it, install it myself.

Great deal all around

Rent is low. Sub-$300 per month. Owned by a 501 non-profit, subsidized by the Dept of Agriculture.

For right now, the stay is "free" costs covered by the healthcare system I am with.

I'll be at clubhouse daily. And mostly in the SRD here in this time (Single Room Dwelling - popular in Chicago and San Francisco. Think of it as a micro-micro apartment. 100 sq ft max. But just for three days, so...)

All good here. Feeling nice. And I can smoke all I want (outdoors) haha





Oddly, we moved today too. Is it Write.as Alumni Move Day, or what?!



I think this happened once before. I moved from my first apartment at Telegraph Crossing to the other apt unit at TC in 2020, and feel that was a time you moved, as well.



I do believe you're write. ;-)