Midnight Pub

stopping in for a snowstorm coffee :)


Freeze warning outside. I step into The Midnight just before my fingers get frostbit. I sit at the bar and politely ask Bartender for a black coffee, as per usual.

I love this distant, yet meaningful "vibe" of The Midnight. Anyone here can stop in, when they can, have a few words or/and drinks, and just be them. It's always good (yet rare) to see these days on the HyperWeb, lol ;)

Thoughts on Scuttlebutt

I discovered (close to a year ago) a service called "Scuttlebutt", and it is supposed to be a decentralized, off-grid, non-invasive social network. It seems cool. I am not promoting it here, just mentioning that it seems like a cool idea where all the info of the person, or individual members, is (are? (always struggle with the is/are thing)) stored on their phone (or computer). Locally. No centralized server anywhere. A neat idea, indeed.

Four inches of snow. That's the forecast here. I'll take it though, as it has been a mild Winter around here.

Hope everyone is doing well. Look forward to the next Midnight Newsletter :)

Stay safe, pub-goers!


Love the idea of an off-grid social network. I discovered a software project long ago called PirateBox => https://piratebox.cc . The idea is that you take a single board computer with wifi capabalities (like a raspberry pi) and it broadcasts a local wifi network (with no internet access) that redirects to it's own self hosted website where you can chat with other people who connect to it. You can also share files and there's also a forum. I love taking it with me on flights when everyone is desperate for wifi but there is none except mine!



Clever idea! Would be curious to put one up in your own neighborhood or apartment and see what attention you get from those curious enough to connect.



This morning I emailed an ancient friend (we've been writing each other one way or another since the early 1980s...) about how yesterday I realized how badly I need snow cover in the winter.

Why? Because the ground being bright white in the winter strikes me way more psychologically uplifting than witnessing just frozen dirt littered with dead stuff.

That said, a few inches total will do.... :-)



Yes. The humidity is what did STL in, I think. So much of it, never gets "real" cold, and when there is precipitation, it's just rain. All the stars aligned for the snow lovers this weekend, though ;)

Hope you're doing good, Inquiry :)



I'll be sure to pray to Dog for you regarding that snow, tffb. ;-)

Doing pretty good, thank you. Kind of a write-y/reminisce-y day on this end, a day in which it almost seems writing could matter in some "How did we not encounter each other sooner?" kind of way - despise knowing what ridiculous hoping against hope that tends to be.

Light snow falling here, as a matter of fact. But it's nearly 5:00pm local time, so it'll soon be too dark to see the flakes save for lucky unnatural lighting reflections off them. (Or so it feels right to imagine....)

(as the Jose Feliciano (sp?) remake of The Doors' "Light My Fire" plays in the background...)

Very happy despite staring at a screen, a world within a world within a world... in mind's appraisal/modeling, of course.

And you? How about riffing on some minimalism and/or acid for us, here, huh? :-)



I'll do just that. I'll drop a minimalist amount of acid in the amount of zero doses ;)

I'm guessing you're in the Midwest, but no geoinquiring about WHERE you are, from what I can tell on the bloggo. I assume you are in Illinois (or roundabouts there) and experiencing the same snow we are getting here.

Either way, the screen within a world, within a fiber optic cable, within a phone, within a Midwestern state probably isn't as bad as some folks may have it.

Stay good, Inq :)



Yo, dose-master T! ;-)

Midwest, born and raised. But a whimsical encounter near the end of college had me relocating to the "upstate New York" region for years and years. Returned to midsection due to similarly whimsical events. I promise I'll write the entire biography the day I attain unto a 10,000 reads write.as post. :-)

I'm not in Illinois now, though. I rather despise Illinois, actually - a feeling I imagine originated in my dad occasionally expressing disgust for their making us pay highway tolls even as they ran roughshod over our idyllic Wisconsin.

I've also been underwhelmed in/by Chicago a handful of times, a seeming joke for a large city to someone that used to "Fritz the Cat" New York City, so to speak.