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The more things change


Once upon a long, long time ago - i.e. in a decade galaxy temporally far, far away - the biggest social controversy seemed to be a song called "Torn Between Two Lovers" - or so it seemed to this, then, full-head-of-haired teenager attuned to mysteriously confusing adult murmurs....


It's seems kind of coincidentally funny to me that society seems about as much as mess as most software ecosystems (admission: perhaps coding for a long time makes it an easy metaphor?). People talk about social systems (e.g. "socialism", "capitalism") the way software developers talk about code improvement methodologies (e.g. "agile"), yet doth species members generally plunge full speed ahead with said lip-service tucked crumpled and askew in a torn back pocket whilst coming down gleefully hard on the haste and/or entropy pedals.

Especially when no one's looking....


I am gonna write about this somewhere else soon, but your post seemed like a good place too:

I'm almost of the opinion that having political opinions in general in [current year] is *tired*.

It doesn't matter what your political opinions are, you're always wrong anyway lol

Part of my reasoning for that is that some people think their political opinions are constituent to a personality and use it to define their persona. People will introduce themselves as being a progressive like it's their MBTI horoscope tribe or something. Ugh. You being a “progressive” is a way to describe your philosophical beliefs about government and society. Not some personality type indicator.

i.e. You are not your politics.



To me, politics seems a slow ooze of crime festering in a pools of assholes distracting onlookers from their asshole-ery by way of self-aggrandized comparisons with other assholes.

Something like that. :-)


People talk about social systems (e.g. "socialism", "capitalism") the way software developers talk about code improvement methodologies (e.g. "agile")

Oooh, spot on! Me and a colleague used to joke about this *all the frickin' time*. At some point I came up with some Radio Yerevan jokes, but for agile, let me see if I can find them :-D.



God, I remember when "Agile" hit my scene... sometime in the 90s... my organization lapped it up as though fragrant with the promise of reproductivity, if ya know what I means....

To me - along with so much the managerial class finds organizational erectivity in - it was something that might have been helpful in small doses. But, as usual, it was blown into the kinds of proportions that stole effort and creativity from the actual tasks at hand - not infrequently becoming glaringly more important than said tasks, e.g."No, I've not even started my widget... but I attended scrum again, today! Oh yes I did! And you should have heard the user stories today! Oh my! We even changed the verbiage of a couple of them to make them more powerful. Or at least sound more powerful. You know what I mean. And you can press that gold star for it right next to the others on my forehead!"