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Hello everyone!

What are your favorite podcasts? Leaving out the political ones, I really like Where Did the Road Go, WTF with Marc Maron, Coast to Coast AM, and My Brother, My Brother & Me.

What about you?


You might not have heard of these ones since your list looks USA based;

The Blindboy Podcast - very high quality and humorous stream-of-thought style podcast

The Irish Podcast - Explains current events in historical context in a fun way.

Darknet Diaries (USA) - Fascinating interviews with perpetrators and victims of the most outrageous hacks, scams and espionage.



I don't have that many I've kept up with consistently, but there are 4 regulars- On Being, Making Sense, Radiolab, and 99% Invisible. I will skip episodes of any of them if the description sounds like a snoozer ;)

I've a big fan of the PBS SpaceTime series on YouTube. Ok, that isn't a podcast, but it is a regular series that *could* be a podcast if it didn't need visual content. It's very podcast-like in having regular content that fits a specific topic and is extremely well-produced. A video podcast?



Video podcasts are absolutely a thing. Or at least they used to be.



I don't listen to podcasts, because I can read faster than these people can talk. In my experience, most podcasters do it because they can't write well enough to make it as bloggers, and as podcasters they share an affliction endemic to vloggers on YouTube: they talk too much, say too little, and rarely provide transcripts.

But if you enjoy listening to podcasts, more power to you.



I almost completely agree with you, this much talk also annoys me terribly. I think this situation applies to the majority of podcasts, but there are some legit ones.

Anyway, I mostly don't listen to podcasts, basically because I find really boring to concentrate on someone (or some people) talking while doing nothing, I'd rather read, reading is much more agreeing with me. I know, most people listen to podcasts while doing something else entirely, like repetitive chores, but then I don't get it as well, I don't need to cram information on my brain every waking hour of the day, and I much prefer listening to music if I want to listen to something while doing other stuff. By the way, music is the one thing that I listen endlessly without doing anything else at all, it is just sublime.



I'm lucky to live within WRTI's broadcast area, so I get free classical music from 6am to 6pm and free jazz from 6pm to 6am over the radio.

WRTI, Philadelphia


TMWNH (Tell Me What's Next, Honey)



I listen to a few physics ones and a fair bit of paranormal as well.

I was co-host on a paranormal one for over a year over at phantomscience.net, it was a great show but the owner has family issues and had to quit.



Put me down as another MBMBAM fan despite my best wishes. I didn't expect to actually find the McElroys as charming as their brand makes them out to be? The Adventure Zone is my main washing-dishes cast right now. I'm still on the early arcs of the first season, so we'll see if I still like the latter ones as much - I'm told later it gets dramatic, which seems incomprehensible right now.

I'll also listen to anything NPR puts out, but Throughline is great. Love me some historical context for stories in the news. In that line, BBC4's weekly program Sunday discusses religion and ethics in a delightfully mild, interfaith, and sensible way.



Always surprised when someone lists their favorites and I haven't heard of any of them! Care to describe any of them?

I listen to a lot of radiotopia podcasts and gimlet podcasts.

In no particular order some of my favorites are:

My all time favorite though is a podcast called Wiretap, but they stopped making episodes. It was a podcast about introspection, philosophy, humor, and monologuing. Very high quality content and I think that podcast has really shaped some of my beliefs and personality traits. (side note: anyone have seasons 7+? I've searched and searched but still haven't found them)



The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition; StarTalk Radio; various NPR podcasts; and my guiltiest pleasure are the older episodes of Hollywood Babble-On and SModcast. Admittedly, Kevin Smith's puerile toilet humor is grating, abrasive, and possesses the subtlety of a wrecking ball, but it got me through some very hard times when I was younger.

Also: Ologies. Simply a mesmerizing show.



I just got into MBMBAM! I didn't expect to like its low-information-density wholesome style, but it turns out it's just right to put on while I'm dealing with something else.

Birdnote is really nice in the mornings.



I concur exactly about MBMBAM. And I'll have to check out Birdnote!