Midnight Pub

hey, all


I KNEW there was something on my Internet To-Do list to check off, and that is stopping by here :) Just stopping in to say hello, to all. Hello all ;) I am doing/feeling good. Was prompted to pay $99 for a COVID-19 test earlier today, didn't pay it/didn't get tested. Instead, I will simply quarantine and not care. It will be a 40 day quarantine, and Thanksgiving has already been more or less called off by the entire family. We will still meet up virtually, have a FaceTime call - but we are not going to get together for the holiday. The same goes for Xmas, more than likely. *My* 40 day quarantine will not be over by that time, so I will likely stay home because the likelihood of one of my family members NOT contracting COVID-19 in between now and then is highly unlikely. They (nieces, nephews, sisters) are always out and about and getting coughed on, and shaking hands and generally being a threat to the health and well-being of society at large, so they can have their germfest by themselves. Nothing against them, personally - they are just radically absent-minded and uninhibited when it comes to...you know...common sense. Hope the best for them.


I'm not sure anything says more about this species than how uncommon common sense is....