Midnight Pub

got any specials?


hello new friends, happy to have discovered this little safe harbor. got any specials in the house?

I used to hang out at a bar called Lone Palm, in the before times it had a single palm tree outside, mixed in with the other, less tropical trees on the street.

Sadly the palm is gone now, cut down sometime while most of us were inside. Visiting physical spaces as dark and cozy full of strangers soon to be friends is still tinged with a bit of danger, so I'm excited to have found this quiet alley, away from the chaos outside Nightfall City.


I turn around as I hear the door to the pub open, in walks a stranger, you may ask how I think that person is a stranger? well, I have never seen him before so I take my drink in hand and lift it in nopalm's direction and says, cheerfully "Welcome to the Midnight Pub, come sit over here, there are plenty of regulars here to get acquainted with, I am Rosie, I am on of those regulars." I spot the bartender and motion towards him, "a drink for nopalm and a water and lemon for me" I shoot nopalm a toothy grin.



There's a bar near where I live called The Fireplace Inn. I went inside one time and looked around but couldn't find the fireplace. I asked our waitress about it and she said the removed it several years ago.

How are you going to call yourself "The Fireplace Inn" and not have a fireplace? smdh



I could be wrong, crazy, dreaming, etc. But were I the bartender, I'd commence a special on a drink called the nopalm bomb.