Midnight Pub

When I was seventeen... I had a very good beer...


> Joe is a box with consciousness.


He clearly has a flap up on non-boxes similarly equipped!

> Living as the sinisterly-numinous Nowhereness, Timelessness, the intuitively feeling Beingness, and effortlessly, focused, Doingness, from the resting state of the charged potential of Nothingness, while maintaining a relationship, connection, a portal, to the Here and Now.

"Awareness unqualified", even less qualified than in those double quotes.

> Emacs


Now there's a word I ain't seen in at least half a buffer!

Ho, hum. 'Tis one of those "maybe everyone else disappeared?" kinds of mornings - not here in the pub so much as in the email inbox. Sent out quite a bit yesterday, but not so much as a spec of incoming dust this morn.

It's enough to make me the love the idea of hanging out with 6th/7th/8th graders all day on a regular weekday student/teacher basis all the more. A self sorta wants attention dividends to pay in like coin, thinks the alleged self that allegedly typed that.


Stick my hand in my jeans pocket and when I grab a few coins I take my hand out of my pocket, coins engulfed in my hand and I walk up to Inquiry and with a smile I stick out my hand and unfold my fingers and there are a few shiny coins "here are a few coins, how have you been my friend? I hope you are finding the Pub enjoyable".



I so appreciate the coins, rosie88, especially having long been told I'm a few coins shy of a full roll.

Oh yeah, the Pub be enjoyable - albeit rather on the quiet side these days. I'm the type to quickly feel responsible for such, as in "Um... no way am I participating here so long as *that* nutcase is throwing back too!"



<laughs> well, as an introvert I prefer the company of myself mostly but I do "socialize" on my own terms and don't mind coming in here and socialize with some of the patrons that frequent this great establishment. It is great to make your acquaintance. Please feel free to join me in a drink and some chinwag whenever I do decide to saunter in here.



I envy your sauntering skills, as impatience begets me - leading to greater likelihood of a brisk, determined pace that quite possibly gives some the mistaken impression I'm younger than I actually am.

I'm fine with company, but am ridiculously - yet necessarily - picky. People that don't give others a chance to speak? BZZT. People with nothing to say but variations on the theme of how impressed I'm supposed to be with them, their possessions, etc? BZZT. People unable/unwilling to attempt unfamiliar thought patterns for being stuck in an infinite loop of certainty of being "right"? BZZT. People in a perpetual state of needing to astonish me with "facts"/stories that, for the most - if not nearly all - part, *might* astonish a three year old? BZZT. (With respect to that last one, I can only feign a faux "Are you *KIDDING* me?!??!" look so long before my facial muscles trigger a scream impulse...)

Let's see... what does that leave... like maybe .0000000000001%?

It happens. But as tends to be the case in this dualistic paradise <coughs violently> of a world, it'll likely be balanced by distasteful qualities of similar magnitude.

This place seems to have high enough a concentration to have me think it's just a matter of time before the forces of idiocy come to investigate, and ultimately wreck.



Hello inquiry, you have put my feelings into words exactly (except for that last sentence maybe). Happy to see someone like-minded (at least to a degree) in a place like this <cheers>

Especially what you wrote about people being stuck in an infinite loop of certainty of being right...

Our abilities of perception are so limited, to believe that one knows everything better and judges reality perfectly and objectively is just...naive. Sadly I am confronted with these thought patterns in my family a lot, and it makes talking to them soooo arduous.



For me the "arduous-ity" remains the same (yes, a now somewhat ancient song reference..) regardless the degree of "familial-arity". These days I take the for-shit ratio of satisfaction to effort in communicating with others evidence the more blessed direction is becoming unfamiliar with distinction between alleged "self" and alleged "others", because so stark an implied conceptuality context misalignment is akin to considering misunderstanding a lottery win.

There's really nothing to do by sink back into the awareness from which notions aka re-presentations (of un-re-presentational <this text represents the ineffability thereof>) first establish a seeming subject of all non-subject to the point of said subject becoming painfully convinced of being *that* separate.

While your kilometre-age may vary, the following verbiage continues to have the best chance of provoking deliverance relative to "my" particular conceptuality context, all past studies considered:

          abide in awareness
      with no illusion of person
you will be instantly free and at peace