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About how I try to learn to use Vim



I just restart to learn to use Vim with Anki flashcard, I have a question about Vim.

I try to learn to use Vim since many years and last year I learn Vim with flashcard, and it seems to work quite well, but I put this aside this year, so I restart to zero today. It will be cool if I can keep up. Also, I move to Neovim instead of Vim because it seems more modern, but I'm not sure is a good idea.

And you, are you Vim, Neovim or another text editor ? And Why ?


I've been using mostly Emacs because I find it more comfortable for composition. I break out nvm (classic BSD vi with UTF-8 support) when I need to do precision editing but can't be arsed to deal with sed.

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(Looks around at other replies... sees absolutely no one on team lisp.... sits in a corner and angrily fiddles with init.el)

Anki has been the greatest positive driving force in my life at the moment. I was using the decks to learn a new language, but I never had any real success and found the number of reviews too hard. My patterns evolved from:

As of a few days ago (after reviewing a deck every day for the last few months), I have now gotten 90% of my 5000 card deck in the "Mature" category and only have a remaining 10% in the "Young" pile. Up until a few days ago I was doing 30 minutes of a day, and now I now do maybe 5 minutes after the repetition started to "kick in".

I love Anki



me too. I expect emacs shortcuts everywhere :)

But I haven't mastered anki or org-drill or org-fc or any of those learning-by-repetition systems, except for paper slips.

So many things to explore, so little time ...

~bartender? A nice Lager for me please. Thanks!



At one point I converted my Anki decks into org-drills because I thought the secret to life was doing everything with Emacs.

Not so. I use Emacs just for work and project management, but I like to reflect and learn when I'm commuting or sitting on the toilet, and Anki is far more accessible at that.

So I converted my org-drills back to Anki and use it exclusively on my mobile device



Nowadays I use neovim on my own machines, mostly because I am currently interested in learning Lua, so playing with the API to make little tools has been a fun way to learn. But on remote servers I use vim or vi/nvi mostly since they are ubiquitous.

What do you mean by using flashcards? It seems like you would be better off going through vimtutor then just jumping in an using vim exclusively---with an easily accessed reference for when you forget a command/key.

That said, I feel similarly to what inquiry said in their comment. Once you get acquainted with vi-isms, it becomes second nature, like riding a bike.



Like you, I’m a bit unsure between Vim and Neovim. Favorising Neovim because it’s a community project but sometimes I feel that Debian/documentation on the web is more focused on Vim.



I've used Sublime Text a lot, which is an awesome editor, incredibly fast for all it does, specially when I started working. Them came Atom, but that was short lived and I went back to Sublime.

I've known basic vim commands since I started playing around with Red Hat in 99, since getting stuck once, if you know what I mean. Being a little bit of a nerd I set out to properly learn vim and set up some plugins like autocompletion, tree view, learn panels, windows, etc.

I now use VSCode professionally with vim mode. I'm faster with a GUI and I like the bells and whistles, it makes stuff easier for me. I just wish it would be faster. Vim can get pretty slow too, if you load it with shit. Which I did for some time.

Vim has a special place in my heart and I use it daily on my homelab.



Vim. I've used it so long it feels an extension of mind/body.

Said another way, I want all of life to respond to vim keyboard shortcuts.

Better yet, I want to become able to see life as a vim input buffer, marching fingertips forward toward the bigger screen finally losing some of its entropy and/or Murphy's Law tendencies to respond without a handful of salt to the eyes and quickly rising knee to Where It Counts....

(sorry all... a few shots of gin.. a bit of thc vape.. this boy be... oh, just imagine as best you can)