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a midnight round of coffee (exactly one year later)


Odd, the way things work out. I just opened the editor here on The Midnight, and I was readying myself to write a post, and I thought "when was the last time I wrote something on The Midnight that wasn't simply a response to something someone ELSE wrote?" Turns out, it was 5.12.2021 - almost EXACTLY one year ago (it is 5.11.2022 at the time of this writing), lol!

So...that's interesting

I am at home (again) after an eight day excursion of delays, destitution, and...let's face it, near homelessness (though I am apprehensive of calling it that, exactly, because I had/have an apartment in St Louis County, and the rent had already been paid for this month, I just had to get BACK TO IT from where I was stranded - I don't want to belittle the actual position of one who has nowhere to go indefinitely).

The trip was awful, but sort of a learning experience in some ways. It certainly realigned me with empathy, but while simultaneously re-showing me the Way The World Works(TM), and what CAN and CANNOT be done when one is without resources in another area of the country without a way to make Point A meet up with Point B.

Time. Life. Experiences. It is what it is.

So anyway Bartender, if I could have a mug of the boldest, darkest, sootiest, and most bitter coffee that you can churn up, it would be appreciated, and I will stick around for a while, and it is deeply appreciated, as always.

Hope everyone is well :)


Hangin' in there.

Enjoyed your trip coverage, including:

tmo snapping


Thank you, Inquiry. It was "a trip", indeed.



Not sure if adds much to your post, but it reminded me of a thought I come up with from time to time:

"My life isn't actually that bad. I'm comfortable. Everything is just prohibitively expensive, and that makes me angry. Especially against those who live in castles. But I'm comfortable."



Yes. 100%.

Or as they'd quip over on Birdsite:


Good way of phrasing it, though :)