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farming time


Taking a break from intoxicants for a bit ~bartender, so I'll have a tonic water blended with honey, lemon juice and ice, with zest for garnish.

I recently gave in and bought a lawn tractor. This goes against some core logos of my domestic ideology:

Cutting grass is silly unless you actually need the space

Spending money to do the above is thus made absurd

If you have to, use a push mower so that you at least get exercise

For around 5 years I've been pushing a mower around 1.5 acres of very healthy, lush grass on a lot I rent, and last year kind of screwed up my back for the first time. The other day I was thinking about how I'd rather be hiking or riding my bike or literally any other form of exercise instead of essentially farming mulch, then it started raining, and the next chance to mow was rendered nearly impossible. It would take the rest of my weekend to chip away at this mess.

So I broke out the spreadsheets and shook my head as I looked at the prices on these Sisyphean enablers. To my surprise there are a lot of attachments useful for a broad range of mundane endeavors like gardening and uh, moving snow. This eased my fiscal discomfort and I had one delivered while trying to focus on new possibilities instead of net worth.

My yard now looks like a golf course and I couldn't care less, but there is more time and less toil.


Any clubhouse plans?



I read this post title and honestly thought it was a creative way to say "finding a way to free up (farm) time in the schedule".

...I read too many productivity-focused blogs (idk why)

Anyway, the new equipment sounds cool. I don't have a lawn because I am apartment living, but if I did have a lawn, I would go with the manual/analog/walk-along mower you mentioned. Sounds cool!

Stay well :)



I indeed meant it as in "a farmer of time" then realized it made sense either way, so decided not to specify!



aha! So I DO have blog literacy! ;)

It *does* read like that, though (to me, anyway). Going both ways with the text through innuendo and insinuation could have made for a hell of a read, probably would have taken a bit more time, though.

Good post! Hope you're doing good! :)



This reminds me of a bit of world building in the game Sunless Skies, where barrels of hours are woven through looms. The wealthy can extend their life or add time to a day, and prison sentences of decades can be squeezed into weeks. Of course, the game doesn't actually explain how exactly that all works, but it's a fun to mental exercise to puzzle over.



Here is your drink.🍺

Have you ever used a scythe to cut grass?



Not *yet*. I first joked about this, then gradually considered it more and more. I think if/when I have my own plot this will definitely be how some of it is maintained a few times a year. Ideally with some paths cut through the bush and wildflowers spread throughout. Unsure if that is overly romantic or reasonably practical, but one can dream.