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Nicely slow Monday.

At one point I was camped out in front of the books section of a "Goodwill" store. Nothing too stunning, although there was one Hunter S. Thompson offering, and "The Secret Life of Bees" - which I swear was prominently on display in any/all bookstores back in the 90's. (Never so much as picked one up to see what it was about, come to think of it....)


Back from dinner out. Spaghetti and meatballs for yours mostly truly, California something-or-another pizza for my wife.

We've been re-watching

Leave It to Beaver

of later, which had me re-appreciating

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Deacon_(actor) Richard Deacon

again, whom I'm more familiar with of

The Dick Van Dyke Show


Much rain today.


And holy ish, Inquiry! You got "post #1000" on Midnight.pub!

::confetti falls, drinks poured, jukebox blares Sgt pepper::

Stay well and be good, friend




Well, you don't say!

I didn't even know, because for whatever reasons whatever link it is that leads to a list of replies never appeared for me today.. so more than anything I begun suspecting post 1000 was just plain annoying.... :-)



and yet, it led to a smol reminiscence of old shows, time-based attitudes, the acknowledgement of Dick Van Dyke's continued survival, which also spurred a 20-minute-long read of his Wikipedia page, a tiny party in your "thousandth posting" honor, and now this entry here (several days later).

The Midnight is similar to USPS in that way, I suppose ;)

stay good, and here's to 1,000+ more entries from Midnightians in this little pub off Main Street!



When you put it that way, the no-longer-certain-the-internet-is-any-good-at-all in me almost feels an apology is in order.... :-)






hey Inquiry,

Which HST book was it? From sheer volumes sold, I'd guess Hell's Angels or Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

I think I know what type of pizza you speak of - California Kitchen. There is a California Kitchen restaurant in a mall the next county over, and I bought gift cards to there for me and my two sisters. They forgot they had theirs, and I lost mine. They were valued at like $40 each, too, because that place is expensive.

Leave It To Beaver aired on Nick At Night back in the day, but I didn't tune in too often. I guess there had to be a "time and place" understanding of it all to make it "understandable". It seemed like pure fiction of conformity, rules, rigid parenting, and formal attitudes. Not that the show was "bad", just unrealistic by my 1990s standards, back when the show was on that channel.

Dick van Dyke, though, that was funny ish. Especially when Mary Tyler Moore came into the fold (she was a "new" member at some point, right?). I think Van D is still ticking, too. He was in Night at the Museum with Ben Stiller a decade ago, and is like 105 now(??).

Or, he might be dead. I don't know.

Hope you're doing good :)



The HST book was the fear and loathing one.

Obviously a sitcom being funny is important, but degree of what I consider good acting weighs heavily for me.

In Beaver, I so loved the "Eddie Haskell" character.

But Dick Van Dyke was absolutely spellbinding/mesmerizing to me as a kid. I can start laughing just looking at him in that show.

Liked Mary and Mel (Richard Deacon, who also had a recurring role in Beaver) a lot too.

While I'm spilling about past shows, I should also mention a great love for "The Wild, Wild West", especially the Artemus Gordon character.



Dick Van Dyke is alive and remarkably active for 96! He had a very fun cameo in the 2018 "Mary Poppins Returns", and I remember him campaigning for Bernie Sanders in the 2020 Democratic primary.



that's good to hear, he was always energetic/funny on TDvDS, and always seemed like a nice guy.

Hope you're good, tatterdemalion :)



So... you hangin' in there, tmo...? e.g. re:

here's some stuff to say

(thought I'd ask in a kind of off-on-a-side reply thread)



yes, doing ok Inquiry. Thank you :)

I am going to talk to my doc about a possible med change, because what I have now is not doing it. Plus it causes insane digestive issues. But I will pull through, and see what other meds are out there. Seems every other psych med I take is a "no go", but that also means every *other* psych med I take IS a go. For most folks with psychosis, 90% of what is out there won't work. It comes down to the individual most of the time (severity of the condition, immune system response to pharmaceuticals, etc.).

Thank you for reaching out, and I will keep on bloggin' loggin' throughout whatever med change happens

take care


> Thank you for reaching out,
> and I will keep on bloggin' 
> loggin' throughout whatever
> med change happens


I've been feeling toxic for a while, and today I middle-fingered the heat/sun en route to yardwork, and at this point have concluded a non-trivial component of said seeming toxicity is due to not regularly sweating enough.

No idea what may have changed. I've had Covid at least once - possibly twice thinking back to an unusual illness in early March of 2020.. I also determined I was losing a bunch of muscle due to a damned "statin".. So maybe there's been a bit of kidney compromise in the midst of that such that I'll need to lean more on sweat glands and pores for such cleansing going forward.



Yea, I'm lucky that my kidneys are healthy. My dad's got bad, and he ultimately passed away from complications from it. Kidney dialysis is no treat, either - he was miserable on those days. But as long as one can avoid dialysis, diet can/will improve everything (less "junk" (toxins) to process, the easier it is on the kidneys).

It's "sweat city" here, too. Missouri has the heat/humidity in full force as of June, but I am down 51 pounds since three years ago, so being out in it is not a hyperventilating death sentence like it was in 2019. I even ENJOY the heat a bit now.

Talk later