Midnight Pub

A Public Greeting


"Greetings ye quaint republic!"
I burst through the door all broad smiles and grand amicability.
Arms spread like wings to invite cordial welcome, and spirits as high as a stoned eagle, I take centre stage.
The light from a million beams, grins stretched across friendly/inviting faces--I drink in the attention, call for a round on me, and dive into the crowd.
A thousand new names, and at least a hundred new friends; all cheering f—

I shake my head and allow the daydream to dissipate.

I can see my reflection impressing the metal glint off the pub's doorknob. I let out a sigh and pull my clothes in tighter for warmth against the cool nightbreeze.

The moon is out.

The soft murmur of conversation in harmony with the invisible hum of cozy incandescence seeps through the gaps between door and frame.

I turn the knob to unlock the door, step in, shuffle off to the back, and find a spot just between the soft interior glow and the shadows–a table against the wall, a chair for myself, and another for, well, the optimism I refuse to acknowledge.

I scan the room for a bit. There's a surprisingly alien familiarity to finally being on this side of the window.

I should have brought a book.


In other words: long time listener, first time caller.

I hope to make a habit of this (and maybe even a few friends while at it) :)


Good to have you on the inside of the window, a belated welcome.

The Midnight Habit, I can think of worse...




Croeso i Dafarn yr Hanner Nos! (Welcome to the Midnight Pub)



Thank you :)



Welcome to the Pub! Feel free to join us in the Matrix room as well at #midnightpub:matrix.org



Thanks for the welcome and letting me know about the Matrix room, I'll be sure to check it out.



Welcome to the midnight pub!



Thank you for the welcome :)



hello, ~axiom! Welcome to M.p, and I hope you're enjoying the stout. Next one is on me! :)

I cruised by The Midnight, and in a flurry of scanning/clicking/reading through this and that, I thought I had already welcomed you - but I forgot.


Stay well



Hello and thanks for the welcome :)

I've noticed that time has an odd shape around the pub. I can't imagine it does wonders for memory, so I know what you mean: the flurry is real.



Hello ~axiom,

There seems to be a ``` quote not closed ... hmm

Welcome to the pub. I have to say though, that your name sounds familiar. Hmmm, maybe some ~axiom was active on the sunken mailing list, who knows. Maybe my mind makes something up along the lines written down in Kahnemanns "Thinking fast and slow". Who knows.

~bartender? Whatever the newcomer likes, it's on me. And I would like to have a stout. Thank you so much!




Uh oh. Thanks for the heads up. I'm still figuring out the formatting. Couldn't figure out how to close the tag--without the enclosed text disappearing--so I just removed it altogether (-_-;)

Though it seems the spell it cast on the comments is irrevocable.

That aside, thanks for the welcome and the round! The stout is generally my order too.

In all likelihood, the familiarity of the name is most likely a coincidence. I can't say I've heard of the sunken mailing list or Kahneman (though I did google the latter and I am intrigued). I've never been able to use the name anywhere on the bigweb before, it's almost always already taken. To be honest, I was surprised it was available on here; not for the same reason as on mainstream platforms--just given the nature of the community here, and the topics quite often discussed.

Ah, I'm rambling already. Thanks again for the welcome, ~ew; and the next round's on me :)


hello and welcome from a fellow first-timer :-) or zeroth-timer i suppose, since i haven't talked here yet while i'm still writing this.
hope to see you becoming a regular here


hey fellow new-timer and thanks for the welcome! I guess the optimism of the empty seat paid off after all :D

I'm looking forward to being as regular as possible. With your response I've suddenly realised I could have been commenting all this while--for some reason I felt like I had to make an introductory post before interacting any other way. I'm not sure why :P

That being said I'll keep an eye out for your first post, and hopefully you intend to make a habit of it too :)