Midnight Pub

First job. starting monday


Hihi folks, yesterday I done my second interview ever. Received my first job ever. Im excited to start but also dreading it! I just graduated and wish I could've enjoyed some time before I had to look into schools and careers but I cant afford to.

The place is kinda like a fancy Chuck E Cheese. It has race cars, slides, a huge playground ect. I'll be greeting guests, hosting and setting up parties aswell as playing with kids.It has a giant ass mascot suit that's a dragon. The suit is in rotation of workers so not just one person does it. Golly gee oh boy cant wait to be in the professional fursuit.

Wish me luck


"Professional fursuit" had me rolling lmao, congratulations!



Congratulations on the job offer, and I hope you get to enjoy it!

I look forward to hearing the adventures of Dragon...

Have fun, and a warm welcome to the midnight.



Hope your first day goes well! Definitely a good decision to start working right after graduation, especially if you start investing in retirement at a young age. I didn't enjoy the span between graduating high school and starting college, but maybe that's because it was the summer of 2020.



It has been my experience that, once you've graduated, "some time" doing something else feels a lot like unemployment, and that makes it really hard to enjoy that time on account of anxiety and the ever-looming threat of starvation. I think you'll quickly find there are no regrets to be had here =D.

Good luck!

Also if they'll still have race cars when you make CEO, would you consider having one of the race cars say "Midnight" in nice neon letters on a dark-blue background in honour of this place?



Bonŝancon, pob lwc, best of luck! 😃