Midnight Pub

Walks in, day one


I'd like a water please, plain.

It's not like I don't drink anything, it's just that I don't want to anymore. I have been trying to cut calories for a while now and failing miserably every few days. I exercise a lot, but it fails when I just consume more calories. So this is my day one, of coming to this pub in hopes of finding some solace.

I have been more active lately, cycling about 20km every day. Although my ass hurts from the seat and my legs hurt from the pedals, I haven't stopped. So that's a plus.

I plan to come once a day here, putting out my progress to the pubians. This is a nice place, almost like home.

Cheers to a new journey. Cheers to life!




Welcome - I do about 40km a day, with a day or two off for good behaviour. I've also gone down the extreme end of the keto-diet. It works, but you feel terrible and unjustifiably angry all the time. My aging advice: low cal diets are just unsustainable for your happiness unless you join a cult. Eat what you love, but in smaller amounts



Welcome, always good to see new faces.

I am fighting the calories myself, but they don't play fair!




Congrats on your cycling. I used to bike to work, but I had to give it up for some logistical reasons. I'm hoping to get back into it, as those requirements have eased up a little, but it's expected to be over 100F for most of this week, and summer is still heating up, so I guess I will wait until autumn.



hey ~orchard, good to see you! I'm pulling for you 100% in regards to the low cal/exercise thing. I, too, have a habitual (yet diverse) diet, and try to exercise often. I can't bike, though, as me and "heavy machinery" do not get along (+ it is downright terrifying, to me).

I'll join you in the water, and some black coffee on the side for me, as well.

Cheers :)



Hi there ~tffb~, cheers to that! I am more of a chai person, but caffeine is caffeine! Also moved my chai from twice a day to once in the morning. I live in a forest area so the biking is physical exercise as well as mentally soothing. (Being in the lap of nature and all that).



I'm a 3-4 cup per day type of person (with coffee). Being in the depths of nature sounds fantastic, and you would catch me hiking daily. For me, for now, I am S St Louis County, and I walk 3/4 a mile to get TO a hiking trail (lucky to even have THAT one nearby), and I try to do so often. Since it's discovery (of the trail), and turning my life around in late-2019 (incl diet-related stuff) I lost 50-ish pounds in 2.5 years. Feels good. Exercise is the name of the game for me, as long as the food stays moderate in the meantime :) I wish you the best on your ongoing journey - stay well!