Midnight Pub

Walks in, the third day


Hi midnight.

Ate a lot today, more than what I usually eat but still under what I "used" to eat. I guess it is progress. It was satisfying. Going to the city for a few days so won't be talking much. I will be here listening to you all. Tried my hand at php again, made a simple guestbook script. It is a fun language.

~bartender, just water today.

No of low cal days:


From a gluttonous point of view, I'm in this weirdly lucky eating phase in which it seems I can ate as much of whatever as often as I like, and still barely maintain overall weight.

We were in a city yesterday. I don't miss such. While enduring the madness I suddenly realized it makes perfectly good sense the online world is no less a mess than the offline.



Oh, wow, it's been years since the last time I heard someone say they're learning PHP. Don't give up, it's better than its reputation implies!



Honestly the only reason I’m doing it because i wanted to implement a commenting system on a public server and the provider only allows php. I wouldn’t touch php with a 10 foot pole!



hey ~orchard! Funny how I always check in at M.p just after you've written a post. Haha!

Keep up the good fight with the diet stuff, it's always worth it :)

PHP is neat (kinda) until I try connecting stuff to a MySQL db, and then things always go astray with one little syntax error or another :/

~bartender, hot coffee for me, please.

By the by ~orchard, what city are you venturing into?

take care!