Midnight Pub

Cheers to the documentation!


There is the long awaited rain --- not currently pouring, but I'm sure, the minute I stick my head out, it will. So I hang up my dripping coat near the door. It will surely create a puddle. But well, I made it here. I take a seat, unwrapping my notebook, still dry, but in need of some charging. There is a power outlet near this table in the corner, lucky day!

~bartender? How about some hot chocolate with spices? Yeah, it's that time of the year again, I think. A whee bit too soon for my taste. A week later would have been great, but heck. And a round of hot chocolate to whoever wants one. Its on me!

I have to celebrate the lucky incident: I found just the right documentation in gemini space to fit the vger+inetd+nginx combo to my notebook. I need to travel a bit and wanted to take the small notebook. Everything worked right out of that document. And then I found out, that I had produced this very document myself about a year ago and totally forgotten about it :-)



Wish it would get to hot chocolate weather here. It's going to be in the 90s all week here, 97 on Thursday (heat index: 100). At least it's finally cooling down at night; in the summer, it stays in the 80s at night, but we'll see it in the 60s this week.

~bartender, an iced raktajino, if you could.


> And then I found out, that I
> had produced this very document
> myself about a year ago and totally
> forgotten about it :-)

So familiar in varieties of ways, e.g. repurchases of items due to "out of sight, out of mind", telling someone the same story for having forgotten who I'd told it to.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn I've several times posted the same madness here, each time with a vigor/excitement as though relating it for the very first time.

<brakes to let Blushie McRepeathood cross Individual Self Street>

Not that there are merely a few, but one difficult aspect of individual selfhood is learning to take on no more than what is personally humanly possible. But, of course, even that doesn't completely solve the problem, as significant others might take significantly longer to "get there", and consider you a lazy-assed sluggard for not racing to embrace all the things they've convinced themselves "we" ought to be doing. But you suffer (i.e. experience the notion of "time") through it, hoping the latest instance of haste doesn't wax waste-y on 'em....



Hey, ~ew! I'll take you up on the hot chocolate, if the ~bartender would be so kind?

Glad you found what you needed in the documentation! Reminds me of fooling with a dev project I was working on about a year ago, when I searched and researched, again and again, how to do something that ended up being altering the `.htaccess` file/directory (or what have you) on my VPS, and then doing something with the `ModRewrite` rules, and after the exhaustive week-long search, I found *just* what I was looking for in the Mastodon documentation after someone opened an issue with the exact thing I was looking for. I was elated to find it, and then spent a few hours doing what I wanted to do with the project and it all worked out A-OK! :)

And btw, ~bartender, if you could toss in a scoop of instant coffee with the hot chocolate, that would be great! It's like making an instant hot latte :P

Hope you're well, ~ew, and everyone