Midnight Pub

Hi folks!


Hello sweet people, I'm shoebx! (you can pronounce it as "shoe box")

I started passing on the main street lately and I couldn't stop overhearing the nice music and discussions happening through the big window.

I planned to come later, perhaps a bit more rested, but on the way back home I couldn't stop myself from at least saying "hello", just to get me known here.

Life's very busy lately but perhaps that's why I'm so attracted by this place. Nothing beats a good pub after a busy day!

If you're wondering, I'm very interested about computers, minimalism, the way we interact with each other online, privacy (first time making an alias!) and stuff like that. Not too unusual around here I suppose.

So... yeah, that's me! Hope you all won't mind seeing a new face ;)

Also, BTW, ~bartender, do you sell "cedrata"s in here? I'd love to get some :D


greetings m9



Our kind ~bartender has anything you can think of here, but watch out, it's not for sale!






Pleased to meet you, shoebx!